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First Vegan Soul Food Eatery opens doors at Mobile, AL

June 16
01:15 2022
A Taylored Experience launches the first-ever vegan soul food eatery in Mobile with a wide range of delicious and 100% Vegan dishes.

Mobile, Alabama – June 15, 2022 – After huge success as a Vegan catering and private chef service in Atlanta, GA, A Taylored Experience is pleased to announce the launch of a titular restaurant in Mobile, Alabama. The restaurant was launched in the city as a cloud kitchen in March 2022 with plans on expanding to a full-grown Vegan eatery by 2023. 

The restaurant was officially launched in Mobile on March 18, 2022. 

A welcome and pioneering move in the Mobile food and beverage scene, A Taylored Experience brings to the city her FIRST Vegan soul food eatery. The restaurant is located at 2453 Commercial Park and is open especially during the weekend, from Friday to Sunday. 

“We are excited to share with you all that we have recently launched a 100% Vegan restaurant in the city. It’s really amazing to see more people are getting into Vegan and plant-based foods and there could not be a better time to launch over kitchen in Mobile. In fact, a lot of tourists who visit the city have expressed their liking for our Vegan dishes. With so much of love around for Vegan and plant-based food, we decided to bring our restaurant to Mobile so that all of you can cherish some unique and sumptuous Vegan soul food dishes with your family and friends”, stated Amanda Taylor, executive chef, successful entrepreneur, and the dynamic lady behind A Taylored Experience.

(In Frame: Amanda Taylor)

“A lot of people in the city are Vegans today and many more are keen on knowing about Vegan food culture. Unfortunately, the city has been missing a 100% Vegan restaurant for all these years, until now. It feels great to pioneer the launch of the FIRST Vegan soul food eatery in Mobile.”

A Taylored Experience offers a versatile and curated menu to choose from. One of the most fascinating aspects of the restaurant menu is its alternative meat dishes that offer almost the same texture, feel, and taste of real meat- but without causing harm to any animal. 

Some of the most popular dishes from A Taylored Experience are Chik’n Bakun Ranch Loaded Fries, Chik’n Nuggets, Hot Dawg, The Mandy- Pulled Jackfruit Sammich, the Becky- Cheezeburger, and so on. 

“We have a wide spread finely curated Vegan menu at our restaurant. Most of them have been made from our proprietary recipes to create a unique Vegan soul food experience for our guests. Some of our dishes are made from alternative meat choices that offer the same texture and taste of meat but without being cruel to animals. We also use dairy alternatives so that you don’t have to miss out on the gooey taste of cheese – but not at the expense of animals.”

The restaurant also offers a broad range of food deals and combos to choose from. A Taylored Experience is available on 3rd party food delivery apps like Grubhub and Doordash.  

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