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VersaDesk Offers Solutions for Every Workspace

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VersaDesk Offers Solutions for Every Workspace

August 03
21:49 2021
Take a stand with VersaDesk and help put an end to the sit show.

In the past few years, more and more people have been exploring new ways of working. Remote working, in particular, has been widely adopted and even embraced by many workers around the world because of the convenience it brings. Often called the ‘future of work,’ the remote work setup has allowed people to work wherever they want, prompting them to set up dedicated workspaces or workstations at home.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the ideal work from home setup. Many workers find themselves being in not-so-ideal ergonomic working conditions, with chairs and tables either being too high or too low. Not to mention, the amount of time spent sitting in front of the computer with limited physical activity can cause fatigue, strain, and bad posture. Considering the factors that might affect a person’s overall work experience, VersaDesk was able to come up with ergonomic solutions for every worker, wherever they want to work.

Celebrating over 20 years of manufacturing in the USA, VersaDesk has been successfully revolutionizing the way people work by providing quality ergonomic workstations. Not only do these improve posture, but they also enhance people’s mental state and increase their energy – all while improving productivity. Quoting VersaDesk, “improve your health at the push of a button.”

VersaDesk offers a variety of ergonomic solutions, such as Desktop Risers and Standing Desks, which are perfect for both home and in-office workstations. These products are known to promote productivity, increase alertness and energy, and reduce the risk of long-term health effects that may result from poor ergonomics.

Workers without desks or those experiencing fatigue or strain with their current ones will find VersaDesk’s standing desks as total game-changers. Put an end to the sit show at home or in the office with the iOS app-enabled PowerLift® Standing Desks – which has a corner standing desk option – and the Habitat and Edison Electric Standing Desks.

On the other hand, those with desks would enjoy the Sit-to-Stand Desk Risers, which can be easily assembled and adjusted to their preferred height with a single push of a button. Just like VersaDesk’s Standing Desks, these heavy-duty Desk Risers are also ergonomically designed to provide a healthier and more productive work experience.

Apart from the Standing Desks and Desk Risers, VersaDesk also offers office fitness products and other workstation accessories. Locally manufactured in the USA, VersaDesk products are always in stock, include lifetime warranty, and are shipped fast to the customer’s doorstep.

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VersaDesk is a Los Angeles, California based company that offers innovative and ergonomic workspace solutions for the office and home for better health and increased productivity.

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