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New innovative Danish watch brand DISSING WATCHES seeking to conquer the American watch market

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New innovative Danish watch brand DISSING WATCHES seeking to conquer the American watch market

May 14
21:46 2021
Scandinavian watch brand offering consumers the opportunity to buy ”stylish high-quality wrist watches that look like a million bucks, but won’t cost you a fortune”

Denmark. A small country in Scandinavia known for toys like LEGO and the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. Up until today, probably not a country that most people would associate with watchmaking. However, this might be about to change.

This Danish fairy tale began in 2014 with twin brothers, Kasper and Mikkel Dissing. Teenagers at the time, they shared a passion for wrist watches and had a dream of adding high-quality luxurious-looking watches to their collection.

They soon had to realize, though, that they simply couldn’t afford it without having to compromise considerably on the quality. This disappointment set the twins on a mission to spare other watch enthusiasts the same anguish. Based on results, it seems like they have managed to do so, since it has started what has now become a million dollar business for the brothers.

But how exactly? “By producing high-quality wrist watches that may look like a million bucks, but can be bought at a price that ordinary people would be able to afford”, co-owner Mikkel Dissing explains. A mission he claims to have been made possible by “eliminating any unnecessary costs in every aspect of the watches’ journey”.

Eco-friendly approach

What also makes these Scandinavian watch enthusiasts tick, is their eco-friendly approach to watch production. In accordance with their Nordic DNA, the brothers do not want to see the fulfillment of their goals being at the expense of the environment.

Especially in the course of the last decade, the focus on sustainability has seen a significant growth in the Scandinavian countries. This tendency was confirmed in a study from 2020 stating that 9 out of the 100 most sustainable companies in the world were to be found in either Denmark, Norway or Sweden.

“In that regard, our company is no exception”, Mikkel Dissing confirms and adds: “We continuously ask ourselves how to make our production more sustainable and how we can reduce the use of plastic, cardboard and paper even more than today.”

You can find more information about this development at

Recently, the twin brothers’ take on affordable high-quality watches has been made available in the US through their Amazon Brand Store which you can find at

It’s still early days yet, so the question remains: Will the twin brothers’ different approach to watchmaking also appeal to American consumers and turn the Danish fairy tale, DISSING WATCHES, into the American dream for the two brothers?

As they say in the watch industry: Time will tell.


The watch brand DISSING WATCHES is owned by the Danish company ApS which was founded in 2014 in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, by Kasper and Mikkel Dissing.

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