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Why Jason Mars Believes Artificial Intelligence Should Be Embraced and Not Feared

June 04
01:51 2020


Ann Arbor, Michigan – Jason Mars is an inventor and creative who has been trying to get people to accept the benefits of Artificial Intelligence of years. Unfortunately, he finds that people still resist it because of what he calls overblown worries and fears. Artificial Intelligence will not destroy the world, Jason Mars states but will transform it and make it a better, safer, and happier place to live for generations to come.

Artificial Intelligence is Not an Enemy

The incredible imagination and story-telling prowess shown in the “Terminator” movies series have also given artificial intelligence or AI a bad name, Jason Mars believes. Those who have read a lot of sci-fi or watched movies may find that true AI is a danger to humanity because it could become aggressive and attack humans in a myriad of ways.

However, Jason Mars finds these types of fears a little silly. Simply put, AI is only as good as the people who program it. And currently, AI is limited in a way that makes a “Terminator” scenario very unlikely. That’s because AI can only draw on its programming, Jason Mars says, and cannot add new sources of information without the approval of the programmers who create it.

These apparent limitations don’t mean that AI doesn’t have many benefits. Jason Mars still believes that adequately implemented and programmed artificial intelligence could change the world for the better. And by properly utilizing it in appropriate fields, he also believes that AI itself could become vastly better without causing any risks or dangers in any unexpected way.

Ways AI Could Be Transformative

Jason Mars states that AI could be used in many different fields in exciting and unpredictable ways. For example, medical professionals trying to track people with Covid-19 could use an AI program to gauge a person’s breathing patterns and make a quick diagnosis of what could be wrong. The program could then provide immediate treatment or alert somebody to help that patient.

However, AI could also transform the manufacturing industry, Jason Mars believes. Installing narrow-field AI – that which has a high level of information on a minimal scope, such as car manufacturing – could help to track the production of vehicles, see what is going right, and figure out what is going wrong. AI has an incredible purity of thought that goes faster than the human mind and with no clutter or distraction, Jason Mars states.

As a result, Jason Mars believes that AI could be critical for city planning and other types of processes. By calculating all possible variations and problems, it would be possible for a program to figure out a myriad of different possibilities. In this way, Jason Mars believes that the AI could take over the menial mental labor and leave creative minds to more meaningful work.

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