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WIMI Competes With Industry Giants in 5G + Holographic AR Fields

June 04
01:42 2020


Represented by computer AI vision, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) computer vision holographic cloud service mainly concentrates its business application scenes in five professional fields, including home entertainment, optical field cinema, performing arts system, commercial publishing system and advertising display system, and has been distributed to the corresponding fields of smart city. According to the prospectus, with the change of bandwidth conditions of 5G holographic communication network, the 5G holographic application market will usher in an explosion. High-end applications such as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conference and holographic press conference will gradually spread to holographic social communication, holographic communication, holographic navigation and holographic home applications. Based on holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face face exchange technology as the core technologies, WIMI plans to support holographic cloud platform services and 5G communication holographic applications with a number of innovative systems.


In recent years, WIMI Hologram Cloud has been committed to the R&D and commercialization of 3D, AR and VR technologies. Currently, in the field of VR AR hardware terminals, there are many giants. In the future, the competition in the field of hardware terminals will mainly be the competition of giants. WIMI focuses more on the technology and system of VR AR content terminal strategically.

With the advent of the era of 5G mobile communications, major countries and regions in the world are competing to deploy 5G strategy and strive to lead the global 5G standard and industrial development. Giants are scrambling to increase their AR/VR market, and will enter the new product release period in 2020. According to the data, domestic and foreign manufacturers are expected to release more than 10 AR new products in the whole year. Industry giants have revealed that they will release AR products in 2020, and the performance of the new products will be greatly improved. Ultra-reliable and low-delay communication of 5G communication technology is expected to solve the short board of VR/AR development. 5G+ cloud will open up VR/AR scenes and continuously unleash the vitality of the industry. Major manufacturers continue to make efforts to create hot style, to accelerate hardware penetration.

Global holographic AR market size by revenue in 2016-2025

VR/AR is the product of the integration of the new generation of information technology. In the past, due to the factors of bandwidth and delay, VR/AR products could result in insufficient rendering capacity, weak interactive experience and poor terminal mobility, etc., which has been the biggest short board to restrain the development of the industry. High quality VR/AR business very high demand for bandwidth, delay, such as for VR, to achieve very good user experience, the bandwidth of the need to reach more than 1000 MBPS, delay to reach the level of less than 2 ms, and to achieve a good user experience for AR also need 200 MBPS bandwidth above and below the 5 ms delay, there is no way to achieve this in the age of 4 g, 5G is the only thing can meet such high transmission capacity.

In terms of total revenue in 2018, WIMI is China’s leading holographic AR application platform, according to Frost&Sullivan. By leveraging its strong technical capabilities and infrastructure, it is able to deliver superior products and services and conduct business in an efficient manner. WIMI’s core business is holographic AR technology for software engineering, media manufacturing services, cloud and big data.

WIMI plans to continue to improve and strengthen existing technologies, maintain its leading position in the industry, and create an ecological business model. Currently, WIMI’s holographic face recognition technology and holographic face change technology are being applied to existing holographic advertising and entertainment businesses, and the technology is being upgraded to make breakthroughs in more industry areas. WIMI aims to build a business ecosystem based on holographic applications.

WIMI intends to continue to invest significant resources to enhance its ability to develop holographic AR content. WIMI is committed to enriching the holographic content portfolio and providing its customers and end users with a high quality holographic experience. WIMI plans to continue to expand the holographic content library in a variety of ways.

With the issuance of 5G licenses, China has officially entered a new era of 5G construction and application. With the advantages of high speed, low delay and low power consumption, 5G network is especially beneficial to the development of the 3D AR VR industry. Therefore, WIMI believes that the construction of 5G will benefit the development of 3D, AR, VR, holography in the fields of e-commerce, cultural entertainment, medical and health. In the past few years, WIMI has actively carried out layout and business expansion in these areas, and the future development of the company’s business will directly or indirectly benefit from the construction of 5G.

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