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Great Attorneys can be Knowledgeable yet Affordable and Experience Does Count

June 03
21:40 2020
In Civil Issues Such as Wills, Estates, Real Estate, Personal Injury and Disability Experience is Key.

Individuals that need legal assistance in civil matters many times wait until the last minute to try and find a great attorney.  Then to make matters worse, they haphazardly pick one out of the phone book and hope for the best.  This obviously is not a good approach to solving any civil issue or getting advice on wills, estates, real estate law, personal injury, social security disability benefits, or even general litigation!  Experience does count and finding the best attorney with the most knowledge will obviously lead to better overall results!

Boozer Downs of Downs and Associates, in Alabama, has 40 years of legal civil experience!

Boozer Downs can handle any matter concerning wills and estates, real estate issues and closings, personal injury claims, and anything related to Social Security Disability Benefits promptly and efficiently with the least amount of expense possible and the least amount of stress for his clients.   Especially in the area of Social Security Disability Benefits, the path to receiving the most amount of benefits or even being approved for benefits can be a tricky one.  The paperwork can be intense, and even though the Federal government does provide a website for individuals with information and the ability to sign up, visitors make mistakes and get denials.  Disability benefit awards need to be proven and the process complex.

Finding the correct attorney for civil issues, especially disability claims is of paramount importance. 

There are many reasons a claim for disability is rejected and range from the unavailability of proper medical documentation to the inability of the consumer seeking an approval to effectively cooperate with the Social Security Disability office.  The workers there must follow all procedures carefully, and consumers find it a tedious and frustrating process, thereby many times not following the procedures to the letter or submitting the documentation in a timely manner.  There are appeals, but many consumers choose, when working on this alone, to file a new claim rather than an appeal and this is a major mistake.  Appeals have a much higher rate of success than repeated attempts to file multiple claims.  A big reason for denial of claim is that individuals do NOT contact an attorney like Boozer Downs, who can help them with the application and approval process.  Having an attorney on your side during a disability claim or hearing is of utmost importance! Personal injury claims are also prone to denial without a good attorney on the case immediately.  There are so many differing laws and statutes involved in personal injury claims in Alabama that a good attorney such as Boozer Downs is a necessity. 

Wills, estates, and real estate also do almost demand a good attorney.  Money is lost without one.

In real estate, there are closing laws and wills and estates also have their own set of specific laws.  Becoming one’s own attorney can lead to the loss of a great deal of money, as well as wasted time and effort.  Contacting an attorney such as Boozer Downs at Downs and Associates, LLC, will lead to a process that is complete and thorough and within all the parameters of the law no matter what the civil issue.

About Downs and Associates, LLC

Boozer Downs of Downs and Associates, LLC has been in practice in Woodstock, which is close to Birmingham, Alabama since 1976.  Attorney Downs specializes in will, estates, real estate, personal injury, general litigation, and Social Security Disability approvals as well as appeals.  There is a phone, fax, and online form and all consultations are free.  The hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.  Responses to any inquiries are timely.  Email is also available.  Pricing varies on type of service as well as timeframe needed for success in completion of a case.  He has a partner attorney and a full staff.

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