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June 03
21:36 2020
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The complete equipment of a top-of-the-line football team can reach a price of more than 250 euros. Is the disbursement justified? The best page where to buy everything in soccer jerseys online is futbolmania, enter and get your official soccer team jerseys now

It is a summer stamp almost as classic as the one of the traffic jams on the A-4 on August 1, the “here, suffering” of Instagram or the reports on the importance of hydrating and avoiding being exposed to the sun in the central hours of the day. Every year, once the football competition comes to an end, the sports news cameras focus their attention on the official stores of the clubs to learn about the brand new designs of the shirts with which their stars will try to champion the country’s stadiums. There, a sample not too representative of the fans endorses or disapproves the innovations introduced each year by the manufacturer on duty to encourage the follower to renew the one acquired a season ago … or five.The sale of official merchandising has become in recent years one of the essential pillars of the football business at the expense of the fan’s pocket, which each year is pushed to make a worthy disbursement of the items of luxury firms with such to wear the colors of your club. The shirt of a team like Real Madrid exceeds 150 euros and the full kit reaches 250. Will the passion – and the pocket – of the fans be limited?

Since Leeds United became the first soccer team to market its jersey Camisetas De Futbol Baratas in 1973 – for just over 5 euros – the business has only known the upward curve. “Soccer jerseys have never been as important as today. They have transcended the world of soccer passion to become articles by law in the world of fashion and streetwear,” explains Neal Heard, one of the greatest experts in the field and author of The Football Shirts Book: The Connoisseurs, to S Moda. Guide. The obsession of the fashion industry is evidence, with firms such as Koché, Vetements, Marine Serre or Gosha Rubchinskiy launching collections inspired by the king of sports and footballers such as the Spanish Héctor Bellerín turned into icons of style and habitual of fashion weeks. Heard compares this recent boom with the tradition and historical relevance of NBA or American football jerseys in the United States, which are key in representing urban culture. “I call it the ‘Basketballing’ of football. This is just the beginning, we will witness its growth and expansion.”


It is enough to visit the official stores of the main European football teams to corroborate the increasingly prohibitive cost of the products in their catalog, which has increased by around 20% in the last decade. The price of a shirt of, for example, Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid, starts at 104.95 euros. That if we bet on those called ‘Replica’, and not on ‘Authentic’, the novelty included in recent years by the major sports fashion firms and which has significantly increased the average price of the basket. To carry these reproductions of the dresses on the field by the players, we should pay 158 euros in the case of Real Madrid and 155 euros in the case of Atlético de Madrid or FC Barcelona.The complete equipment of the Blaugrana squad with the Messi 10 on the back, pants and socks included, reaches 255 euros. “The outlay on Authentic shirts is not worth it,” says Heard. “Although they are superior garments in terms of fabric quality and execution, the brands play with the fanaticism of the fans. But if there are people out there who have the money and the desire to dress them, I understand that brands and clubs respond to that need.”

“The official kits of the great sports teams, not only football but also the NBA or the NFL, have always been priced as premium products,” adds Jake Cohen, a renowned lawyer who has worked on some of the most important signings produced. in recent years. Cohen confirms to S Moda that as long as demand allows, prices will continue to rise.“Soccer clubs are still companies, many of them are even publicly traded, and have a legal obligation to their shareholders to maximize profits.” However, the jerseys of the teams of the major American leagues can maintain the same design for decades and even decades. In Europe, these change annually and many teams market up to four different versions: home, away, alternative, Champions, goalkeeper, etc. Heard argues that “at least 50% of fans” of European football renew their official jersey Camisetas De Futbol every season. In 2018, the average cost of fully equipping an English Premier League team exceeded £ 100 (€ 112) for the first time.

The costs do not differ too much in any of the main European leagues, taking into account, in addition, that Nike, Adidas and Puma sign the vast majority of sponsorship contracts in professional football. They do not even go down between the coats of the teams located a step below the first continental level, having to pay up to 125 euros for a Real Betis shirt with Joaquín 17 printed. Outrage is increasingly common among team fans over the extreme commercialization of centuries-old colors and symbols. Beyond the classic voices indignant at any change in the classic pattern of this or that design ,the viral complaint from a tweeter who compared a basic shirt from the Adidas catalog and the Cádiz CF third kit a couple of seasons ago is symptomatic of the direction the business has taken. The only difference between the two, beyond a patch with the club’s emblem and another with the logo of the Professional Soccer League, was the 60 euros that separated them in the retail price. Several users joined the claim, exposing more evidence of the questionable mercantile side covered by the teams’ directives.

The historical milestones related to sports merchandising, and exceeded each season, speak for themselves. This past May, Real Madrid and Adidas announced the agreement to renew the contract until June 2028. The team chaired by Florentino Pérez will receive a global amount of close to 1,000 million euros, surpassing Manchester United as the team with the best contract of sponsorship of the soccer universe. A figure as galactic as the stars of the white club, whose investment in signings has been historically justified in relation to the income from T-shirt sales generated by arrivals. For Jake Cohen, this is not only one of the most widespread myths in the sports world, but also one of the most false. “Most agreements between manufacturers and soccer clubs are based on the fact that the latter receive only between 10 and 20% of the income generated by the sale of jerseys on they retain a higher percentage if they are sold in official stores but, especially for teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the percentage they represent in the total is almost insignificant.”

According to the increasing curve of recent years, everything indicates that the king of sports will be increasingly exclusive, based on the passion of its fans. “They are of a special breed, they don’t see their teams as companies. Fans don’t change clubs, they are not guided by fashion or marketing, but by love and tribal instinct,” explains Heard. Could the teams get to assume and control the manufacture and distribution of their own merchandising to avoid the indiscriminate increase in prices? Jake Cohen considers him an unreachable target. None has the international network or the resources necessary to sell millions of kits. Compared to Adidas or Nike, soccer teams are just small businesses. To put it in perspective:Nike will earn in the next twelve months more than the sum of the total invoiced by Real Madrid and Barcelona in their entire history.” It seems that celebrating a goal by kissing the shield, on and off the pitch, will continue to sell dearly en

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