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Introducing Whxyte Wedding, A Transgendered Community Project By Hana’s Hope, Designed To Spread Love And Acceptance And Provide The Dream Of Being A Bride.

May 09
03:10 2019

In a recent interview with Hana’s Hope Founder, Hana, we asked what this amazing project was all about, and this is what was stated.

“Whxyte Wedding has been a project in my mind for over 30 years. Its start was based on a couple of things. I had been introduced to the transgender community almost 30 years ago. I began offering mentorship to those transitioning. These services included learning how to walk in heels, feminine body posture, makeup lessons, hairstyling lessons, wig services, nail care, and anything else they needed. We got to know each other, and eventually had long conversations that exposed their most private thoughts and dreams. One of which was to be a bride.”

We further asked Hana about her history with this and discovered:

“27 years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer without any health insurance. My transgender clients/friends offered me a tremendous gift. They supported my cancer treatments by fundraising on my behalf and sharing kind words with me. They told me that my acceptance of them and my services were invaluable.  I had to live in order to continue to spread this acceptance and love. All of those precious well wishes gave me a reason to fight for my life. As a thank you to them, I have wanted to host this event. It is finally a reality. This event is meant to inspire inclusion of all people, and to illuminate the beauty of the transgender community. I will forever be grateful to them.”

“Whxyte Wedding is not only personally meaningful to me it is also a fundraiser for my nonprofit 501c3, Hana’s Hope. We enhance our clients’ self-images enabling them to brim over with confidence to live comfortably in today’s society. Our goal is to facilitate healing and wellness by evoking in clients the self-realization that they are whole from the inside to the outside. Anyone can experience partial or total hair loss and skin damage due to radiation, chemotherapy, stress, aging, alopecia and severe burns. Healing one’s self-image is critical to overall healthy recovery. We assist our clients with all of the challenges associated with traumatic hair loss and changes in skin conditions. A person’s need for services, rather than their ability to pay, is the heart of our philosophy.”

Hana’s Hope and the Whxyte Wedding project can only achieve its goals with the with the assistance of generous donations from members of the community. Monetary donations are always appreciated and may be made by going to Hana’s Hope.

Hana’s Hope has ongoing fundraisers in need of items for raffles and silent auctions such as services from a business, gift cards and individual items. Hana’s Hope is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations are tax deductable.

“We hope that you will support our efforts,” says Hana.

Whxyte Wedding is not only personally meaningful to Hana, it is also a fundraiser for her nonprofit 501c3, Hana’s Hope.

Proceeds made from the upcoming event will also go to The Delores Project and One Colorado.

The Whxyte Wedding will be held at The History Colorado Center on September 7th, 2019.

Whxyte Wedding is a formal event orchestrated to touch hearts and open minds.

Please visit Whxyte Wedding to purchase tickets, donate, or to learn more about our event coming September 7th, 2019!

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