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The Upcoming Launch of WASHWOW 3.0 Portable Washing Gadget

May 09
03:09 2019

WASHWOW 3.0 Portable Washing Gadget is all set to launch on Kickstarter May 8th 2019. This washing gadget is expended to bring a hype in the laundry industry. Now you can wash your clothes with no need for laundry detergents. WASHWOW 3.0 is going to be the best Kickstarter gadgets 2019. You will be glad to know that the price of this mini wash & disinfect gadget starts from US $45 with 30% off Only on Kickstarter. Isn’t it great? Click Kickstarter Campaign to check it out.

Gone are the days when washing was a mess during business tour or traveling. With WASHWOW 3.0 portable washing gadget, you don’t need to worry about clothes cleaning as you can easily carry this gadget while on a tour. The weight of this gadget is only 0.23lbs/106g and it has a compact design, so taking it along will not be a big issue. The best thing about WASHWOW 3.0 is that it can even wash your delicate clothing without leaving behind any bacteria or chemical residue.

Majority of people often remain concerned about the washing of their delicate clothes. They avoid using such clothes in washing machines as these are prone to tear-up. Moreover, they don’t like washing delicate clothes with hands as it often leaves the chemical residue in clothes. With WASHWOW 3.0 portable washing gadget, you won’t be facing any of these problems because it cleans without color fading, chemical residue, or bacteria.

WASHWOW 3.0 portable washing gadget has been tested on various types of fabrics, such as lace, silk, linen, cotton, and more. This washing gadget not just cleans your clothes but also disinfect them. Its sterilization rate is as high as 99.98%. Simply use some water with clothes and this gadget will clean your clothes with its electrolysis technique. Unlike other washing machines, there is no need for laundry detergents as this high-powered gadget will break down water into oxygen and hydrogen that will decompose organic spots on clothes.

The surplus chemical residue is often left behind in your clothing when you use laundry detergents and softeners. This chemical residue is responsible for the expansion of bacteria. You will not experience any such problem with WASHWOW 3.0 as it has the ability to eliminate surplus chemical residue from your clothes without damaging their fabric. The collars and cuffs of athletes’ shirts are mostly filled with sweat smell and removing their odor while washing is quite a big issue. Same goes with the stinky socks that take much time to remove their bad odor. When you use WASHWOW 3.0 portable washing gadget, there will be zero odor after washing. Just wash your dirty clothes with WASHWOW 3.0 for 30 minutes to remove the entire bad odor.

Baby and kids’ clothing are among the dirtiest in the whole family. These clothes require an effective washing machine/gadget to make them clean and odor-free. Plus, these clothes also need proper care while washing as they are delicate. WASHWOW 3.0 will become a good washing partner of parents and will help them wash their kids and baby’s clothing with proper care.

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