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Florian Lanno: Opportunities for Anyone Who Wants to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

May 09
01:27 2019
Florian Lanno: Opportunities for Anyone Who Wants to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Florian Lanno
Florian Lanno a French entrepreneur, successfully become one of the top entrepreneurs at a young age. He now runs three big businesses that help many clients in France.

May 8, 2019 – Florian lanno is one of the young and successful entrepreneurs from France. When he was 16 years old, he started to show his interest in business, in a different and creative way. At that time, had succeeded in creating a YouTube channel that attracts more than 30,000 subscribers.

Then, at 18 years old, he decided to follow his intuition to learn the business in a different way. Without using the formal or standard way to learn at school, he prefers to learn it by himself, through the internet and social communication with people around him. This unique way to learn and develop make him got a nickname “network shaker”. This is also the main reason why he can become a successful entrepreneur today.

Currently, Florian Lanno runs three major businesses. They are the, Kisspanel, and Young Millionaire Club. And, his idealism can be seen through the concept and how these businesses work.

The has main purposes similar to an agency. However, this company uses its service to help many companies in France to get a client. Moreover, the marketing and client searching method is done by using the online method. Therefore, many companies that use this service can save a lot of money to find clients. also guarantee for their client to get at least 5 clients a week.

Kisspanel also has services similar to the first business run by Florian above. However, what this business does is helping these companies to spread their network through the internet. It uses many kinds of online methods to do this. Today, many people use the internet. And, Kisspanel has successfully used that condition to grow.

Young Millionaire Club works like what its name said. Florian builds it in order to provide a place where all entrepreneurs can meet each other. In fact, in France, this is the only private club that was specially made for an entrepreneur. As today, it has been receiving 8321 registrations for 500 places available. This club is very useful, not only for making friends with other entrepreneurs but also to enlarge the business network from this relationship.

Those three businesses show how Florian Lanno has successfully lived as a businessman. However, it doesn’t mean that he forgot where he came from. Therefore, he also opens opportunities for anyone who wants to work together and collaborate with him. Anyone who is interested in it can use the collaboration form from his official website at

About Florian Lanno

Florian Lanno is a 20 years old successful businessman from France. He uses a different approach to learn about business and expand his network. With his unique approach, he has successfully built three companies that help many companies and entrepreneur in France to grow and move forward.

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