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Social Media Strategist and Author RonkeJegede Reveals the Importance of Online Reputation Marketing

May 09
01:21 2019

London, UK – May 8, 2019 – UK based Author and Social Media Strategist RonkeJegede sees three main pillars for successful online reputation marketing: Monitor, Manage and Market Good Online Reputation. Businesses with bad reviews and negative comments struggle to stay on market and find new customers. Hence, in order to help businesses boost their online reputation, RonkeJegede is sharing some key strategies that have proven to work for businesses of all sizes.

For most businesses, regardless of their size and type, reputation is everything. In fact, certain businesses and professionals have built their entire careers on reputation. As long as a business is having good reputation, they will get more customers and sales. It’s a known fact that companies with good online reviews get better employees, attract more business and earn more profit. However, in today’s era, where social media outlets, mobile platforms, blogs and review sites are growing in popularity, maintaining a good online reputation is no longer that easy.

“Potential Customers are constantly checking out businesses they want to patronize online. It is therefore crucial that Business Owners are not just building their reputation by collecting reviews, they must also manage their reputation. One way of doing this, is to put measures in place to constantly monitor what is being said about them online. Having done all of the above, Business Owners should now take an extra step to market all the good reviews they are collecting not just on their website but on Social Media platforms and key directories. One of the fastest ways to generate more business is to market good reputation,” says Social Media Strategist and Author RonkeJegede.

Most businesses nowadays are prone to getting negative coverage from press and individuals online, despite working hard and putting a lot of effort to build a good brand reputation. Few fake reviews and a negative PR coverage could compromise a brand’s online reputation. The brand’s online reputation is an ever evolving entity, where each social media review, comment or article impacts it significantly.

According to RonkeJegede, in order to have an overall good reputation, there are certain steps businesses must take:

1) Monitor Online Reputation: Businesses must constantly monitor their online reputation and find out what people have to say about their brand on social media, review sites, forums and blogs.

2) Manage Online Reputation: Negative comments are more noticeable than positive comments. If a business does not notice and react to such comments on time, the damage can be quite significant.

3) Market All the Good Reviews: At a time when most of the buyers rely on online reviews before making a purchase, it has become quite crucial for a company to market its good reviews. This can be done by sharing such reviews on their own website, social media accounts, blogs and other marketing materials.

To put in other words, a business entity is only as successful as its online reputation.

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RonkeJegede is an Author and Social Media Strategist. She has a degree in Law and is also a graduate from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators UK, this ignited her passion for corporate governance. She is the CEO and Founder of Ace Results Marketing.

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