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The world’s SMARTEST self-cleaning water bottle, now on Indiegogo

May 09
01:15 2019
N-hug is a pathbreaking self-cleaning water bottle made of 18-grade stainless steel which can clean itself and water inside it in just 1 minute. It also kills 99.999% odor-causing harmful bacteria.

The road to clean, healthy water is not afar anymore. A recently launched Indiegogo campaign, N-hug, is soon to introduce the world’s SMARTEST self-cleaning water bottle. The FIRST of its kind, the revolutionary bottle is uniquely designed to clean itself and the water inside it in just 60 seconds!

The campaign is geared to raise around $2,500 and as of today already reached $12,327.

The star of the breakthrough bottle is its in-built UVC-LED technology that assures optimum water purification and has shown to neutralize up till 99.999% odor-causing harmful bacteria. The bottle is fitted with a cutting-edge UVC bulb just under its lid. It only takes one tap on the lid to activate the bulb. The moment it gets activated, the UVC rays from the bulb start to kill the harmful bacteria & germs inside the bottle. 

N-hug is rechargeable, reusable, recyclable and insulated. It can keep water warm for up till 15 hours and water cool up till 26 hours.

“Finally, the time has come when we can bid adieu to nasty stinky plastic water bottles and welcome safe germ-free healthy drinking water in our lives. And all these will be possible with the help of the breakthrough N-hug water bottle. You can fill up the bottle anywhere to consume healthy drinking water anytime”, stated a leading spokesperson from the N-Huge team.

The spokesperson said the N-Hug is designed to free people from toxic plastic dependence which is increasing at an alarming rate today. 

“A regular plastic bottle contains 313,499 CFU germs on an average which is dangerous for human health. On the other hand, a staggering dump of plastic bottles on the landfills is extremely menacing for the environment as well. This is where N-Hug comes to the rescue. Our bottle not only kills 99.999% germs, but it’s also a reusable eco-friendly product. We are looking forward to starting mass production of N-Huge and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to ensure safe water and a healthy planet for all of us.”

N-hug stands out with a host of unique features:

  • Self-cleaning water bottle
  • Bottle made of 18-grade stainless steel
  • Digital purification of bottle and water inside it with advanced digital purification from UVC light technology
  • Water purification in just one tap of a button
  • Completely waterproof, spill-proof as well as leak-proof
  • The insulated bottle can keep water warm for 15 hours and cool for 26 hours
  • Handy size and leak-proof design makes it fantastic travel buddy
  • Free from BPA & other toxic elements
  • 99.99% bacteria free
  • Comes with both iOS and Android-compatible app that helps to track water consumption

Backers will be rewarded with amazing discounts on N-Hug self-cleaning water bottles.

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