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Digital Paper Could Probably Be Alternative After France Banned Tablets in Schools

May 09
00:45 2019

From the beginning of the year 2019, the sales of Boox eReaders slightly increase, and so do many other brands such as Kindle, Kobo and Sony. All of them suffered a rapid drop in sales in the previous year but now they are getting back. This may cause by the event that France prohibits students from using smartphones and tablets in schools.

Digital Paper Could Probably Be Alternative After France Banned Tablets in Schools

Under the legislation passed in 2018, the French students as old as 15 were not allowed to bring their smartphones as well as tablets to schools from September. The law was originally noted in President Emmanuel Macron’s election campaign. Now, one semester has gone, actually what do folks think to this policy? Earlier than that, France endorsed a blanket smartphone ban for drivers, even those who park at the side of the road, so the further action to school is not that surprising. It seems that the French government is getting realized that the control of electronics use is significant to beat back the encroachment of digital technology in everyday life.

Phone and tablet addiction do exist everywhere, sometimes difficult to recognize, since most of us maybe indulge in them so much of the time, whether for work, study or other reasons. Particularly, this gets worse for the children. Children easily get distracted by the temptation of games, videos, social media, and many other things. However, aside from the above shortcomings, electronics also do supply convenience for work and study. To many people, it is hard to make a choice.

What if there is a device takes the benefits but no drawbacks? Boox eReader is definitely that one.

Boox eReaders Eliminate Distraction

With a versatile iPad on your hands when you are studying, you have no idea what will pop out on the screen next few seconds. You resist to click on the tempting notification of what really has Trump said again on Twitter. You refuse to browse funny pictures on Snapchat. And, nevertheless, at the time you see the messages your friends push you out to have a drink, you fail to reclaim your focus.

It is the time to have a Boox eReader to change the situation. Boox eReaders are designed to help users concentrate on reading, taking notes and sketching. No games, no videos, no social media. Students get rid of all the distractions except for the features related to study. They can focus on the enjoyment of reading without any distraction. Note-taking functions help students reflect the reading and jot down their thoughts. The eReaders has 4096 pressure sensitivity levels so that students are capable of doodling on the devices like using a pencil.

As for the work, users are allowed to write documents, send emails, and browse news on Boox eReaders. Unlike small size Kindle eReaders, Boox offers 10.3” and 13.3” screens that mean users are able to read A5 and A4 size documents respectively without zooming in. The large size Boox eReaders merely weight 550g at most, fairly lighter than tablets and laptops. The low power consumption of Boox eReaders is another point to take it along with you.

Boox eReaders Protect Eyesight

If say the strong dependency to the electronic devices is merely for the spiritual plane, the harm to eyes is for physicals organ indeed. In general, people slightly get eye strain one hour after staring at LCD screens. Electronics actually emit a blue light, which has negative effects on adults’ eyes. For children, their eyeballs are much weaker than adults’. They easily get myopia if directly expose eyes under blue light. We are supposed to pay more attention to children health care.

In the aspect of eye protection, Boox adopts the E-ink technology to the eReader screens, which have no blue light emitting and look like real paper. This makes sure children can do reading and writing on Boox eReaders for a long period with much less eyestrain and fatigue. They are also glare-free. So the devices are readable under sunlight. Nothing beats the reading experience of E-ink outdoors or even indoors.

Collective speaking, the purpose of France banning smartphones and tablets is to work against the addiction to students, ensuring them do the right things in schools. At the same time, students lost electronics convenience which helps improve their study a lot. Boox eReader could be the perfect device in place of tablets since users would benefit from eye protection and getting away from distraction. We need to reconsider technology as an asset serves us, instead of taking them over.

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