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Cloud mining: New opportunity created by Ruby Chain

May 09
00:15 2019

According to official news, the Rubychain will soon launch out the cloud mining business. This time, a total of 50,000 cloud mining contracts will be launched. Ruby users will be able to participate in cloud mining to purchase mining through RUB.


Cloud mining: new opportunity 

As the mining rigs assets are accepted by majority of users, increasingly small and medium-sized clients show a stronger interest in participating. The cryptocurrency community, which is monopolized by the big clients now, is gradually opening to all people with interests. The traditional mining is not only expensive in terms of cost, but also very inconvenient for maintenance. Now, how to participate more conveniently has become a top priority.

As a convenient and efficient new mining mode, cloud mining attracts an increasing number of people’s attention. By purchasing a cloud mining contract, users can control the mining progress remotely. Individuals do not need to buy a mining rigs, and there is no need to find someone to monitor it 24 hours a day as well, which fulfills the one-step shopping as it begins mining once being purchased.

At present, most of the mining pools are concentrated in mainstream cryptocurrency such as BTC. The cloud mining products of various BTCs have also become good traffic portals for new users. It is undoubtedly difficult for emerging public chains to join the market to compete.

RubyChain: traffic entrance as public chain lifeline

The early blockchain field originated from geeks, extensive in operations, popular in market, and end in deception. Nowadays, it is the time when all neglected tasks need be undertaken. The new public chain team, regardless of technology, operations, markets and brands, all have their own advantages, and the traffic portals will eventually become the lifeline of the public chain.

According to the RubyChain technical instruction manual, several technical orientations in which public chains competing has ready been realized, including Layer 2 parallel application, distributed storage, CDN acceleration, cross-chain, module encapsulation. These achievements indicate that RubyChain has already in the first echelon in the technical field. At this time, Rubychain launches out the cloud computing contract is aiming to grab the traffic entrance, to build a moat that belongs to itself, and strive for a long-term development. In the process, there may be a chain that will not end well, and the one that survives will belongs to the most persistent and visionary people.

First cloud mining contract: Incorporating and mortgaging (Staking Economy)

Ruby’s first cloud mining contracts are divided into regular contracts and accelerated contracts to meet the needs of both individual and large-scale industrial mining. The contract period varies depending on the amounts of mortgaged RUBs. Based on the DRPOW consensus mechanism, Ruby attempts to follow Staking Economy. The essence is to release the general certificate into the community in an orderly manner, promote the development of the DRPOW consensus mechanism, and guide a new circulation concept instead of a simple transaction.

With the continuous advancement of technology, cloud mining will become the mainstream form of mining method, and the upcoming Ruby cloud mining contract will provide users with a simple and easy way to involve. Cloud mining has mining farm as funds, sites as support, users in participation, developers to pay for use, B-side payment usage, which will form a multi-party ecological community. It can be said that cloud mining is the traffic entrance for new comer as well as the best admission channel for cryptocurrency holders.

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