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Bellus Changes the Skincare Industry Forever With Clean, Personalized Products

April 06
05:58 2019
Bellus Changes the Skincare Industry Forever With Clean, Personalized Products

Bellus, a clean beauty company known for minimalist fresh products, is bringing personalization to skincare. They have developed a patent pending clean skincare generator that personalizes fresh clean products to a client’s age, sex, skin type and tone, concerns/conditions and scent preferences.

Bellus have combined the knowledge of chemists, herbalists, estheticians, dermatologists and aromatherapists with skin data of over 50k individuals to create a unique skincare product. It correlates your attributes to fresh natural ingredients to completely enhance your skincare experience. 99% clients see results in 72 hours of their first use.

The key to the Bellus products focus on skin health rather than care – they use super carriers oils to feed and nourish the skin at its lowest living layer – unlike most products that sit on the skin’s top dead layer creating temporary results. Bellus personalized blends can penetrate all 3 skin layers, even the transdermal barrier. Each formula delivers nourishment to the lowest living layer of your skin, giving it everything it needs to thrive and create a natural healthy balance.

Proper skin care is very important because the skin is the biggest organ in the human body, and its responsibilities are infinite. Whether it’s providing a physical barrier between your crucial organs and the outside world or maintaining the moisture balance of your circulatory system, the skin’s importance cannot be overstated. While healthy skin is clear and firm, unhealthy skin is the opposite. It is riddled with spots, scars, and wrinkles. People with bad skin give off a sense of unhealthiness. 

Caring for your skin can directly affect your overall health. Your skin acts as a protective shield and is most vulnerable to outside elements. It’s affected by more factors than you may think. Good skin care can slow down the harmful effects of time/aging and the environment. When you slather toxic ingredients onto your skin, you’re interrupting your skin’s ability to renew itself and defend from environmental damage. The wrong ingredients on your skin do your body a huge disservice.

It is a known fact that in order to keep the skin healthy and free from any dryness, you need to use natural ingredients on the skin which will work better and be better for your general health. Switching to organic and natural products improves your skin and simplifies your routine, meaning less money spent on other products.

All Bellus natural formulas contain less than 6 fresh, potent ingredients. These are organic ingredients derived from plant sources and were grown without pesticides, bioengineered genes, or petroleum-based fertilizers, which could be toxic to the environment.  The team behind Bellus believes you shouldn’t need 64 products in your routine to bring out the natural beauty in you. Their minimalist multi-function line focuses on skin health. Each product has a primary purpose and many additional skin benefits. 

Most skincare products no matter how expensive or potent just sit on your top layer of skin, which are actually dead skin cells. Bellus products use Emu oil, a nutrient dense, and super carrier oil that has been healing skin for over 40,000 years in the aboriginal culture. It is the ONLY substance on earth that can penetrate all three skin layers, including the protective barrier. Think of Bellus products as a nutrient cocktail for the lowest living layer of the skin; they nourish, hydrate and improve skin thickness.

There are numerous testimonials about Bellus products from people of all ages that say it works, so if you are literally sick of pumping chemicals onto your dry skin, chemicals that will eventually end up in your blood stream, then Bellus is for you. Because it is 100% natural, and quickly melts into the skin, you can apply it as often as you like. The ingredients used in making the Bellus products are super healthy.

About Bellus

Bellus is a global organization with 3 locations, a clean beauty lifestyle app, and dozens of professional spa partners. The company was founded by two crazy dreamers and lovers of all things natural. Michael and Kristina Cimo set out to heal their own skin and in the process ignited a mission to heal the world through skincare. 

Prior to making the first formula (in their kitchen) the founders of Bellus collaborated with multiple subject matter experts for feedback on modern day skin epidemic. This gave them a truly unique and balanced perspective on the global skin problem and how to solve it. Bellus’ eclectic team of Herbalists, Chemists, Dermatologists, Estheticians, Nurses, and Aromatherapists continually innovate new products and services to change the beauty world.

At Bellus, they are constantly innovating and growing. Bellus’ founder is heavily involved with the boards of cosmetology schools shaping the clean beauty future. Bellus even has a mentor program to help provide opportunities to up and coming clean beauty professionals.

All of Bellus’ formulas are made without synthetic chemicals, fillers and water. This includes the sourcing of cruelty free, fair trade fresh ingredients. They continually strive to fuel this lifestyle movement, and have even created the world’s first clean beauty lifestyle tool, their app BClean.

Bellus’ focus is on skin health, not skincare, because if you give the skin everything it needs to thrive you treat the cause of skin issues, not the symptoms.

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