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Shelley Mentor, Accelerating Businesses from Zero to Mega Profit Growth

April 06
05:50 2019

Shelley Mentor, Business Accelerator Coach & Speaker gave her vision a voice and the game changed. Her purpose is to accelerate the creation of your success legacy.

• Are you running a business with high overheads, no growth and declining sales?
• Do you struggle to get your team to corporate, understand your vision and help you grow your business?

According to Shelley, companies must operate with a big business mindset on a small business budget; and develop a global service and product offering mentality to create sustainable profit. It is crucial to cultivate a culture for success and formulate winning strategies.  Mastering the ability to develop unique strengths and stay focused on the outcomes is a critical factor to increase profits, grow and succeed. The global landscape of doing business is ever changing and business owners need to be evolving their thought process and earning from market and industry leaders.

We must ensure that we position our companies correctly to evolve and believe that we must never downgrade our dreams just to fit a current reality; we must be upgrading our conviction to match our destiny.

The fast paced rhythm of a New Age Global economy is a clear indication that the possibility of what is relevant today is history tomorrow.

You have to keep evolving, how you evolve and the pace at which you do will determine your success. You need to keep “testing” the market, one method which has worked for many is to find out from your customers what they want, what they need, what will make their lives easier and understand where they are not fulfilled and provide a solution.

The fastest way to understand if your products and services are still meeting and exceeding your clients needs to ask them and listen to what they have to say, don’t place yourself in this position to overcome objections, you want to hear them and then meet them at their need. Very often this exercise will deliver and understanding of how your business model needs to be adjusted in order to supply sustainable solutions and create profit growth.

In closing

According to Shelley, coaching is crucial to the success of any business owners company. It’s a process that sets you up for a revolutionary mindset shift in the way you approach your day, our business and your time. Some of the most profitable decisions she’s made were due to being coached at a very high level.

However, choosing the correct coach for you is essential to the success of the process. Shelley’s advice to anyone who is looking to invest in themselves should ensure that the person who is going to coach them, actually gets coached themselves. If they don’t, it would be like having a gym instructor who does not exercise.

“A friend tells you what you want to hear, a GREAT coach will tell you what you need to hear.”Shelley Mentor

 What people say about Shelley;

“Shelley really walks her talk!  Her dynamism and incisive ability to get to the crux of your business and turn it around is unique.”


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