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Citrusway Offers the Best Plant Based Solution to Damaged Nails and Skin

April 06
05:48 2019
Citrusway Offers the Best Plant Based Solution to Damaged Nails and Skin

No one wants to talk about Fungus, but for those who have the discomfort and embarrassment of fungus desperately want to get rid of it. With the CDC reporting a staggering number of 80% of the global population suffers from fungal conditions, the search for an effective remedy is mammoth. Traditionally fungal conditions are treated with expensive, dangerous, toxic prescriptions and chemical based products that many times comes along with dangerous side effects, such as liver and kidney damage.

Citrusway not only offers a highly effective, plant based solution to damaged, discolored, ugly nails but  also offers the consumer education to how it is possible to combat and control the problem internally with proper diet, exercise and stress management. With sugar being the energy source for fungus with in the body, keeping the intake of sugars to a minimum will greatly assist with the topical treatment of a fungal condition.

Citrusway is based with a powerful, effective blend of Grapefruit Seed & Pulp extract, not to be confused with grape seed extract. This propitiatory blend offers a broad spectrum of assistance to issues that cause and create lifted, ugly, discolored embarrassing finger and toe nails. Our formula is a specifically formulated to target the problem, while providing a nourishing environment for optimum, healthier re-growth of the nails and skin. Citrusway contains zero toxins, chemicals, odor, oils, preservatives or parabens.

Damage to your nail or skin may seem like cause for alarm and stress, but it doesn’t mean you have to necessarily cut it off and start again. Knowing why the damage occurs, and being able to use the right products and care routine to repair damaged nails can reverse even a serious disaster, and allow you to bring your nails back to optimum health.

Citrusway is diabetic friendly and can be used with nail polish, gels and other artificial nails. This product offers an avenue of “better for you” ingredients with out side effects, to assist and revitalize damaged nails. It uses essential elements to improve the nail issuesand overall condition. Citrusway is also an incredibly cost effective alternative to other expensive fungal treatments both prescription and OTC.

Citrusway® was created out of the idea to bring safe, plant based nail and skin products to ever growing number of consumers searching for “better for you products” that really work.  “With 29 years of experience We hope to educate the consumer of the amazing machine that the human body is and how well it operates without the influence of chemical.”

For more information, please visit: 800-821-0912 [email protected]

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