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Highly Acclaimed Spiritual Author Mimi Novic Re-Igniting The Passion Of Soul Purpose Through The Mysticism Of Rumi

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Highly Acclaimed Spiritual Author Mimi Novic Re-Igniting The Passion Of Soul Purpose Through The Mysticism Of Rumi

March 22
20:56 2019
Highly Acclaimed Spiritual Author Mimi Novic Re-Igniting The Passion Of Soul Purpose Through The Mysticism Of Rumi

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”

Mimi Novic is one of today’s bestselling authors in the genre of inspirational, motivational and spiritual books. Apart from being an author she is one of the most respected self-awareness teachers and sought after well-being coaches. She also works as a therapist, complementary medical practitioner, and inspirational speaker. Her clientele includes high profile clients, celebrities, TV personalities, as well as musicians, artists, and doctors.

The lifelong dream and vision of Mimi began from an early age. It is the driving force behind the passion to help people realise their true potential and transform their lives so that they may become fulfilled and gain the confidence and wellbeing to achieve their lifelong ambitions and heal from within.

In the fast-moving world that we all live in, one of the most important and rare things to have is a state of inner tranquility and balance, which is becoming increasingly hard to find. It’s not until we realise and wake up to the obvious and sometimes hard realisation that none of us can really find pleasure in the outside world until we begin to look inside ourselves.

This is when the majority of us begin to seek the answers to life’s most profound questions. It is here that Mimi’s work becomes the awakening point to a more fulfilled life.

Mimi has been honoured to receive several awards for her work and the most recent is the Lift Effect Star Award. She is amongst 99 amazing women from across the world who were honoured to receive this accolade for their contribution to humanity.

Her own quest for greater spirituality led her to travel across the globe and awakened a yearning to absorb the vast cultures and teachings from the colourful to the amazing. She has been honoured to have met remarkable and respected teachers, spiritual guides, healers and experts in their field.

From travelling the length of the Silk Road, to sleeping under the desert skies in the Sahara, to spending time with holy teachers, to drinking tea with the Bedouins of the Sinai. Each experience inspired and taught her to embrace the vastness of the human soul and to realise that everyone has something to teach us.

One of her most life-enhancing journey’s was to the resting place of the great mystic Rumi in Konya Turkey. Born Jalal ad-Din Mohammed Balkhi in Persia early in the thirteenth century, the poet known as Rumi, enlightened hearts through his poetry.

One day when she was visiting his spiritual place, she began to ask questions about the meaning of life, about the meaning of our existence, and suddenly she heard a voice in her heart that said: ” Every question you ask, you already have the answer to and that answer is love.”

After that moment of awakening, she began to celebrate love and promised to help human hearts search for the Divine within. She has created, in honour of this great moment of epiphany, while in the presence of the spiritual atmosphere of Rumi, a beautiful set of cards called The Beauty of Rumi, which contain his mystical poems.

Her love of people and giving back to the world gives Mimi the chance to support and get involved with various charities with her work and one of those being The Princes Trust, which is a charity set up by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales.

The Beauty of Rumi cards is raising funds for The Prince’s Trust, a charity that helps the lives of young people to gain hope and independence.

Mimi’s books and products all are available through Amazon, iTunes and all good book shops and download sites. All her books, meditation and healing albums, motivational cards, will help you along your journey to find the meaning to your life.

You can get The Beauty of Rumi cards by Mimi Novic on the Amazon marketplace via this link: or on her website: 

About Mimi Novic

Mimi is a proud philanthropist. She supports charities and organisations who strive to improve lives and communities. One of those charities close to her heart that she is raising funds to support through the sale of her books “Guidebook To Your Heart”, “Your Light Is The Key” and Inspirational cards “Mystical Beauty”, “The Beauty Of Rumi”, is The Prince’s Trust.

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