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The BCR Method Promises To Completely Treat Cases Of HPV Causing Genital Or Anal Warts

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The BCR Method Promises To Completely Treat Cases Of HPV Causing Genital Or Anal Warts

March 22
20:26 2019
“A one-time treatment that is painless, bloodless and targets all HPV infected cell layers to prevent regrowth and recurrence on treated lesion in even the most severe cases.”

Dr. Siavash Arani and the Dr. Arani Medical Center, a leading medical clinic providing treatment for the removal of genital or anal warts associated with HPV, has pioneered a new removal method called BCR that has been proven to completely eradicate such warts.

The human papilloma virus, or HPV, is a common sexually transmitted disease that currently infects around 80 million Americans. HPV symptoms commonly manifest in genital or anal warts or lesions, and traditional treatments for such symptoms require removal by freezing, acid, creams, or lasers. However, such treatments are often cited for low success rates and high rates of relapse and recurring growth, as they routinely fail to target all the HPV infected cell layers. 

“With other methods, treated warts will eventually grow back,” remarked Dr. Arani.  “With the BCR treatment, the individual warts on our patients are unlikely to ever grow back. The majority of our patients get treated in one painless, bloodless treatment session.”

The HPV BCR treatment has the highest success rates of all clinically available treatments for genital or anal warts. While not only boasting the highest success rates, the BCR treatment also provides patients with the best cosmetic outcomes by preventing the need for skin grafting.

The Dr. Arani Medical Center was ranked a Top 10 institution in the United States for the treatment of genital by Newsmax. The Center is currently accepting advance appointments for new patients from across the United States.

No longer struggle in silence with HPV genital or anal warts and let your quality of life continue to deteriorate. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Arani at the Dr. Arani Medical Center today. BCR treatment method is available today to eradicate this disease and to minimize recurrence, worsening or significant scar development for difficult cases of HPV related Anal or genital warts. 

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