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New Blockchain Platform To Provide Young investors Equality after Securing $200 Million Investor

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New Blockchain Platform To Provide Young investors Equality after Securing $200 Million Investor

February 01
05:02 2019

The launch of a disruptive new investment platform which is the first of its kind built on the blockchain is gathering pace after securing the support of a prominent investor backed by $200 million in investment capital. The investor, known as 200m_trader (Bloomberg) has invested $4,500,000 in the next generation Roobee, which uses cutting edge artificial intelligence and transparency to help Generation Y and Gen Z users build their best investment  portfolio. His portfolio includes previous investments in prominent blockchain startups, Ethereum and EOS.

The next generation Roobee has been designed specifically with younger investors in mind and is on a mission to bring ordinary investors the same tools and opportunities as the super wealthy. Roobee aggregates various investment instruments from different markets and provides retail investors with instant access to them at zero fees for buying investment products – all for a stake as low as $10.

While it plans to begin full scale operations early in 2020, the blockchain-powered platform is already making waves with $15,000,000 traded through the test system along with backing from one of the most prominent investors in the blockchain community.  Over 5,000 people have so far transferred an estimated 21,000 ETH (~$15 mil.) to blockchain projects,  investment and venture funds, with around 200,000 potential clients already forming the platform’s community.

200m_trader, who received his nickname from Bloomberg after making $200 million in just one month says, “I only invest in projects that can reach a capitalization of $1bn within the time frame of 5 years. I see this potential in Roobee. I followed the same guidelines investing in Ethereum back in 2014.”

“Roobee tackles a specific problem and serves what is a vastly underserved community at present – that of younger users such as millennials and Gen Z who are totally comfortable with currencies and ready to invest, but lack the tools, support and infrastructure to do so,” says Artem Popov, Roobee co-founder. “We want to give ordinary users the same investment opportunities and privileges that rich people have. So that investing even $10 in well-known and reliable investment tools with a high entry threshold could become affordable for those having small budgets.

“The Roobee product is designed in such a way that even smaller investors could diversify risks and compile a portfolio of various market instruments (venture, stock, loans, etc.) in one click. At the same time, we will make the interface easy-to-use for any type of investor and credible investment return statistics ensured through the use of blockchain. We want people to improve their quality of life with Roobee and oppose rash investments (investing their last savings, borrowed money, etc.).”

Roobee calls itself the Uber of investment – it brings together a number of investment instruments from a range of different markets and gives users instant access with no commission fees for buying investment products. The platform aggregates the best services and possibilities from each market and serves them up in an accessible way, with investors able to get started from just $10.

The premise has been so well received that in addition to the backing of 200m_trader, the final preparation for the seed round of investment into the platform is already underway.

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