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TIMEBOOK Distributed-Memory Data Storage Center for Families Launched on Kickstarter

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TIMEBOOK Distributed-Memory Data Storage Center for Families Launched on Kickstarter

February 01
04:02 2019
Device uses blockchain decentralized memory storage to offer families and individuals an affordable and strong privacy and data storage security experience for family memories and documents

Mothers who want to keep a permanent record of their children’s birth, fathers who don’t want to lose the video records of their toddlers’ first steps, families who don’t want their recorded family records ever to be damaged, and individuals who have high data storage needs are today being offered a very particular blockchain-based data center on Kickstarter. The Timebook, which now has a live crowdfunding campaign at “”, is a data storage device that uses a decentralized distributed-memory technology to offer increased safety, privacy and reliability to families and individuals.

“Its earliest concept was developed in 2014, when my USB flash disk got damaged and the online cloud disk that I used broke down. That caused an irretrievable loss of photos of my 5-month-old boy. On that day, I decided to create what has now become the Timebook, which is literally designed to make our recorded memories and documents last forever,” stated Mr. Zhu, the main developer of Timebook.

Developed and presented by Global Blue (Global Blue Int’l (US) Limited), this is a device that wins any comparison with its competitor cloud storage services. “Timebook’s Distributed-Memory Technology offers everything that Traditional Centralized Memory Systems offer, but in a way that is so much safer, private, efficient and affordable,” Mr. Zhu commented.

The storage model of Timebook is based on:

  • Data that is fragmented into different parts and stored in multiple node storage servers, which means that it does not rely on a single server or any third-party providers. That means that, if one of Timebook’s servers breaks down, the other servers will back-up the data, automatically restoring it and keeping it safely available.
  • Multiple NAS storage servers that cater to all Timebook’s users, which means that the overall hardware costs are greatly reduced, which translates into lower prices for customers. Conventional centralized systems, on the other hand, require complex features for IDC machine rooms, such as 24-hour running routines and a cooling system construction for servers, sending costs and prices higher.
  • A simple NAS distributed storage server system that is easily operated, not requiring the typical labor-intensive IDC machine rooms, which bring along a costly maintenance undertaken by expensive human talent.
  • File search based on hash value for swift and multiple downloads to be made possible, as opposed to the data transmission inefficiencies of the conventional multiple-step data transmission process of common centralized data storage servers.
  • Multiple nodes that do not affect the data and access to the data if problems arise, versus centralized systems, which may generate data accessibility issues or data loss if a web issue temporarily or permanently compromises the centralized server.
  • Encrypted, distributed and decentralized memory storage that ensures that the owner of the data is the only person who has access to it. In conventional centralized memory systems, there is no real privacy, given that the third-party cloud storage server keeps the user’s data accessible to those who operate it.

“This is a dream come true for families who do not want to see their memories getting lost out of a sudden, or becoming temporarily or even permanently inaccessible due to different types of scenarios. With Timebook, people can set their data sharing options with other family members according to their preferences, and they can also keep certain documents or images with access exclusively available to themselves,” Mr.Zhu said while also detailing that individuals with highly demanding data storage needs, such as photographers, artists and writers, can also rely on Timebook for their storage requirements.

Backers of the campaign at “” are being offered early and discounted access to Timebook in exchange for their support. The Timebook campaign is seeking to raise $10,000 to fund the large-scale production and distribution of the device.

About Global Blue Int’l(US) Limited

Global Blue Int’l Limited. is a leading technology company that constructs a distributed-memory ecosystem, and specializes in Internet solutions, technological innovation. Global Blue has a well-established industry supply chain covering distributed-memory devices as well as units providing services such as cooperative trusteeship, data support, professional maintenance, App development, and knowledge services.

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