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Redsenol Is an Easy Way to Obtain 16 Rare Ginsenosides for Health and Wellness

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Redsenol Is an Easy Way to Obtain 16 Rare Ginsenosides for Health and Wellness

January 31
21:03 2019

Vancouver, Canada – Jan 31, 2019 – The body needs ginsenosides for health and wellness, but they’re not easily absorbed. Canada Royal Enoch Phytomedicine Ltd. has changed that situation with its Redsenol supplement that contains the metabolites of ginsenosides that work synergistically in the body and are readily absorbed.

Redsenol Capsules contains 16 rare ginsenosides, namely Rk2, Rg3 (S,R), Rh2 (S,R), Rg5, Rk1, Rk3, Rh1 (S,R), Rh3, Rh4, aPPT (S,R), and aPPD (S,R). The company’s proprietary technology enables the extraction of rare ginsenosides from premium ginseng species and delivers a high content of needed ginsenosides in each Redsenol capsule.

Ginseng is widely known for an array of healing and restorative benefits, along with its role in traditional medicine that spans centuries. The active ingredients in ginseng, called ginsenosides, can’t be directly absorbed in the human body and have to go through metabolism. The proprietary technology owned by Canada Royal Enoch Phytomedicine can transform large quantities of prototype ginsenosides into metabolized and rare ginsenosides.

The 16 rare ginsenosides in Redsenol Capsules work at the cellular level and the process utilized by Canada Royal Enoch Phytomedicine provides greater bioavailability. The body can more easily and quickly utilize the rare ginsenosides.

Rare ginsenosides enhance the body’s own processes and has been studied extensively for their benefits in relation to diabetes, cancer, degenerative neurological disorders, immune dysfunction, and cardiovascular disease. The rare ginsenosides found in Redsenol have been found to relieve oxidative stress and are effective for boosting energy, supporting cognitive function, enhancing physical performance and combating physical or mental fatigue.

Redsenol created by Canada Royal Enoch Phytomedicine undergoes 70 strict screenings by Labs-Mart, Inc. The supplement is screened for a variety of elements that includes residue from 60 pesticides, five microbial contaminants and five heavy metals to ensure purity, efficacy and safety. Manufacturing is conducted according to GMP standards in Vancouver, Canada.

Redsenol by Canada Royal Enoch Phytomedicine offers a good solution to obtain the extensive array of benefits found in 16 rare ginsenosides. The supplement is especially good for individuals who want to get maximal benefits from ginseng and the company has the technological processes to produce rare ginsenosides.

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Our headquarters is located in Vancouver, Canada. We are a hi-tech enterprise group mainly engaged in the research, production and sales of natural plant-based products. We focus on extracting active ingredients from natural herbal plants to help more people.

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