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Why GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas Is The Best Option For All Las Vegas Residences Needing Carpet Cleaners

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Why GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas Is The Best Option For All Las Vegas Residences Needing Carpet Cleaners

January 03
06:58 2019

GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas Best Carpet Cleaners in all of Las Vegas and Surrounding Cities throughout the valley.
It didn’t take long for the owner Charlie King to realize you will not build a sustainable business in Las Vegas by becoming the cheapest or the most affordable carpet cleaners in Las Vegas. You become the best carpet cleaning company in Las Vegas by treating your customers with respect and honor, like you would a friend or family member.

We have all heard the old saying, “You get what you pay for?” Especially when your talking about your carpets needing cleaned in Las Vegas Nevada. Lets face it, carpet now a days is not cheap, or affordable. In fact the average cost of carpet is right around $15,000. So would it make since to find the cheapest, or the best carpet cleaning Las Vegas? Nearly twenty percent of our jobs in Las Vegas now come from people who already just got their carpets cleaned within the last two weeks says the owner of GreenWay Carpet Cleaning, Charlie King.

So whats the big difference in the cheap carpet cleaners and the best carpet cleaning in Las Vegas?

The cheap guys will give you a four hour arrival window, and still might not show up. They are also known for quadrupling the price versus what was originally quoted over the phone. We like using the old analogy of if you pay your employees correctly, they will work correctly. Would you rather a ten dollar an hour employee come and clean your fifteen thousand dollars worth of carpet or would you rather have a fifteen to twenty five dollar employee cleaning your carpets in Las Vegas? We of course don’t want our friends and neighbors in Vegas to get the wrong impression though as most people end up telling us we are less expensive then the last company that came out. So you can res assured we do what is fair, even without doing truly invasive up selling.

Yet all professional carpet cleaners use the same machines and chemicals right?

The quick answer is no. Most cleaners will use department store bought laundry detergent to clean your carpets. Not only that they continually rinse that in your carpet and never end up rinsing any of it out. You see, when you clean that way it is extremely easier for the technician, and you can finish in about half the time as if you do it right. Like the best carpet cleaners in Las Vegas, we take the time to put our custom build cleaning solutions onto your carpets first and then we come in and do the professional steam cleaning with just filtered steam. That is the only way to clean a carpet and leave behind no residue, and get rid of that nasty, crunchy grey that happens to carpets when you clean them incorrectly. They also have all of there truck mounted steam cleaners custom build from the ground up, every weld and bolt hole.

Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning by the GreenWay Carpet Cleaning the best company in all Las Vegas.

What we also found was that there carpet cleaning prices were actually right in the middle of the market. So not only do you get custom built equipment that no other company in Las Vegas has, you also get a fair deal on all your carpet cleaning needs. Its good to know a company like this still exists where you can get old world customer service, combined with the most though, advanced cleaning agents and equipment in the world. No wonder they have been rated so highly all over Las Vegas. Its like everywhere you look you will see perfect five star rating. They even have no complaints and have an A rating by the BBB. They are always running specials and do offer military and elderly discounts on all carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning in Las Vegas and even Henderson Nevada.

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