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The Counterattack of ExShell, ET Surges up to 63.70%

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The Counterattack of ExShell, ET Surges up to 63.70%

December 01
01:15 2018

Under the recent cold bear market, the performance of ET (ExShell Token) has been quite eye-catching. According to real-time data, on November 28th, the price of ET token increased quickly in a short period of time, with a rise of 38.24% in 5 minutes, reached to the highest price of $0.0781, and then declined slightly to $0.0682, with an increase of 63.70%.

Uptrend Chart of ExShell

It is reported that ET is the ecological token issued by ExShell and its total volome is 2 billion, there will be no more additional issue. ExShell will repurchase and bury 30% of the total vol. of ET. The price increase of ET proves that the platform token is still full of potential according to data. At the same time, as a medium&long-term holding, the fluctuation of ET is only a small prelude of the value increase of ET.

The price increase of ET is reasonable. As the token’s landing application scenario, ExShell plays a crucial role in value. Generally speaking, the ecological application scenario of ET can be taken as the most extensive one among many exchanges. ET can not only be deducted by up to 50% of the transaction fee, but also covering up to 20% of listing fee, leveraged loan, OTC fee, token loan fee, withdraw fee in full-eco business scenarios. It can be seen that ExShell has made a lot of efforts in creating a full ecological application scene.

In the long run, the application scenarios of ET are more than that. With the added value of ET applications and the healthy operation of ExShell, the future value of ET will be further enhanced, and the increase in market capitalization is just a matter of time.

ET has a leading repurchase mechanism. It is said that ExShell will not only takes out 20% of the net profit per quarter for repurchase, but also raises the repurchase price. The ET repurchase price is min.$0.2 in the first quarter, and min $0.3 in the second quarter. The repurchase price will be same as market price if the market price is higher, and all the repurchased ET will be duried. Such a big repurchase mechanism shows strong economic strength of ExShell.

Recently, ExShell has also won the joint investment of more than 10 top venture capital institutions and well-known investors. The investment amount is up to tens of millions. Under the bear market, ExShell can be “valued” by so many top venture capitalists also proves its strong strength.

The top security and industry elite management team, and the high-efficient trading system make ET stand out in the cold winter and become the first choice for investment by many investors.

The official said that Exshell sets its benchmark of business models and financial products against the world’s top 5 financial exchanges. We can see the strong strength of ExShell from the world’s top teams, security, technology, financial products and other aspects. Although there have been some ups and downs in its currency value, it still has medium and long-term investment value.

Although the overall market is still in a bear market, the value of ET is relatively stable, and Exshell already takes actions to prove that ET is worth being invested. According to relevant analysis, the value of ET has not been fully demonstrated in a short period of time, and the medium and long-term holding can maximize the value of assets.

It is reported that Exshell will also launch the PC web of the leveraged products in the near future, let us wait and see.





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