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Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem joins ‘Friend’ – The personal cloud computer that can be accessed from anywhere

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Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem joins ‘Friend’ – The personal cloud computer that can be accessed from anywhere

November 15
02:40 2018

Charlie Shrem, the Bitcoin pioneer joined as an advisor to Friend, a revolutionary new platform that enables the user to access Operating system like features from anywhere. It is an innovative digital ecosystem that provides access to software, collaboration tools, and services in the cloud, right from a browser tab. “As soon as I got that, it was such a big deal for me that I had to be involved in this project, it really is such a huge deal. I’m really excited to be working with these guys and building the future. As soon as I log in, everything is encrypted and private… and there’s no thumbprint that I was on that computer”, says Charlie Shrem, bitcoin pioneer, cryptocurrency evangelist and a visionary entrepreneur.

Friend is the world’s first decentralized, user-owned cloud computer that can be accessed from anywhere from any device. It is here to make it easy for everyone to access the decentralized web. The token holders of the Friend token (FRND) will have access to all these amazing features including the governance of the platform. It even lets the users decide the future developments on the platform for making it better and maintain transparency. Shrem continues: “You’re not only rewarding people for using the system, but also for participating and making it better, more decentralized and private – they’re getting rewarded for doing that in tokens, and that’s really amazing!”

The Friend Unifying platform is a powerful open source framework that will enable secure, global access to personal virtual cloud computers that simply, augment and enhance the use of the Ethereum blockchain for everyone on the internet. It will bring the next breakthrough in the blockchain world by opening up several possibilities and creating a win-win situation for all the parties involved. The Friend Cloud Storage will resolve the issues of cloud storage by drastically reducing the risks of hacking, phishing, and other attacks. It is a hybrid cloud solution which stores the data securely while providing access to the user from anywhere they go.

Through the Friend ecosystem, the user will have full control over where the data is stored and who has the access. The can also access any application on any device with a single login. This open-source operating system can be deployed on any device across the globe. It offers multiple authentication methods like oAuth, 2-factor authentication (2FA) and private/public key to provide secure user access. The developers can access powerful tools on the Friend operating system to deploy a wide range of applications.

Furthermore, Friend also helps in reducing the operational cost to the IT departments by intelligently integrating legacy and web applications in the same stack as well as making use of the computer templates to deploy in seconds.  More information about the Friend ecosystem and ongoing ICO can be found on their official website. You can also try the OS from your browser here:

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