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Samatoa Crowdfunds Innovative Sustainable Luxury Fabric from Lotus Flowers

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Samatoa Crowdfunds Innovative Sustainable Luxury Fabric from Lotus Flowers

Samatoa offers women the opportunity to improve their condition just “like the lotus flower growing above the muddy waters”.
It is with great honor that Samatoa bridges the gap between successful and less fortunate people using fair-trade and ethical commerce. In so doing we contribute to the training, the emancipation and the access to international recognition for our artisans.
Flower Power is an innovative way of creating fabric from Sacred Lotus flowers. The Sacred Lotus flower is one of the most popular flowers in Asia and is depicted in many religious portrayals of the divine in many Eastern religions. It’s also a very popular tattoo because it represents divine beauty and purity. The lotus flower fabric was made by ancient civilizations many years ago, but the skill in making the fabric was lost over time. Samatoa was able to bring back what was lost and long forgotten skills of making fabric for lotus flowers. The fabrics that were made from lotus flowers are very soft, breathable like linen, and very light. This long lost fabric that was revived by Samatoa has big potential and could really help a lot of people which also earned them the Seal of Excellence from UNESCO and the praises of luxury designers worldwide.
Somatoa is an eco-friendly company based in Cambodia focuses on the values of fair trade and sustainable development to create an alternative to the powerful textile industry. They produce eco-friendly fabrics made from natural fibers such as 100% natural silk, banana fibers, and now the Lotus fabric. Lotus flowers have been harvested in Cambodia for a long time, but the stems are always left unused. The stem produces fibers and with the proper procedure can be made into beautiful fabrics. Samatoa dedicated years of research and experiments in remote villages all over Cambodia and was finally able to revive the long forgotten skills of making the lotus fabric. Samatoa is still using the traditional way of extraction, and weaving of fabrics maintaining the culture of fabric making alive. The traditional way of weaving and making the fabric is so eco-friendly that it has a very low impact on our environment. 
Samatoa was able to do something very noble, and the fabrics that were made are top class. Due to the fabrics quality there is a big demand and the company could only fulfill 10% of the total requests. To increase their production, they need to increase their lotus farm by many folds and train more people to make the fabric. To do that, they are in urgent need of funds that is why they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to increase the production of the fabric. The increase in production will help many families in Cambodia by hiring more people. Backers can get their hands on these beautifully handcrafted fabrics made by local women hired by Samatoa. Please share and support the Flower Power Kickstarter campaign and help bring this eco-friendly fabric reach more people, and change the lives of women by creating jobs for them for years to come.

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