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Ipnotica Launches Campaign to Fund the First Multidimensional Stress Relief Product

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Ipnotica Launches Campaign to Fund the First Multidimensional Stress Relief Product

April 28, 2015 The campaign seeks to raise funds for a new stress relief product that combines aromatherapy, LED lighting therapy, guided stress relief exercises to enable users to relax and relieve stress in just 3 minutes a day.

The contemporary life of multitasking and managing high demand jobs has literally led to a stressed out nation. In fact, about one in every five adults in the U.S takes some form of depression, stress or anxiety medication. According to a survey conducted by American Psychological Association, about 75% of all participants exhibited some form of stress symptoms. The reality is that more and more people today are getting stretched to their limit and this results in stress. Stress has diverse and long term effects affecting relationship, productivity and personal fulfilment. Furthermore, stress results in diverse medical conditions including chronic headaches, back pains, heart disease, respiratory diseases and various body system failures.

Ipnotica, a company co-founded by Andrea Sallese and Suzanne Schumacher has designed a relaxation product called the Personal Relaxation Pod that seeks to address stress and is set to run a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture the product. The founders have experience in stress management research and their new product will combine four widely accepted stress relief therapies in a single and simple to use product. These therapies are;

  • Aromatherapy — This is a stress relief technique that uses aromas from essential oils to cause one to relax and improve mood.
  • LED color therapy is yet another effective relaxation technique that uses color and lighting to enable one to relax and focus on the present.
  • Audio Therapy on the other hand utilizes the effect of music and sounds to help the user to relax and relieve stress. The Personal Relaxation Pod plays binaural beats and ASMR tracks for the audio therapy.
  • The Personal Relaxation Pod also comes with an audio guide for stress relief exercises that enable the user to concentrate, relax muscles and get into a meditative state. This four dimensional relaxation therapy product also synchronizes these different therapy alternatives for maximum effect. For example, relaxation exercises that are contextualized in a forest will have green color therapy.

The Personal Relaxation Pod is a mask that is placed over one’s head and lays over the eyes and ears. The Pod has an aroma strip, LED lighting and integrated headphonesfor recorded audio. The whole Pod system works with a mobile app that enables you to track your progress. This relaxation therapy technique is set to run for as little as 3 minutes every day and promises to have a major relaxation effect on users.

The founders launched a crowdfunding campaign on 27th April 2015 set to run for 30 days. The campaign seeks to raise $15,000 for the product launch.

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