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HomeWarez is Now Offering Exclusive Discount For Its Customers

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HomeWarez is Now Offering Exclusive Discount For Its Customers

$5.00 Off Discount Coupon Now Available

The moment customers have been waiting for is here now! The famous flexible cutting board set by HomeWarez is finally offering its very own coupons to avail a five dollar discount on the purchase of the set. The firm knows how much their customers love the cutting board set and they are willing to let more and more people buy this product to show their appreciation.

The cutting board is very unique in what it has to offer. The main purpose of the design is to maintain hygiene and cleanliness by ensuring that different food items are cut on separate boards. The red board is for red meat products, the yellow one is for chicken while the blue board is designed specifically for fish. Lastly, the green is used to cut up vegetables and fruits. The boards are thin and flexible which means that they can easily be rolled up and stored away in small corners. They will not take up too much space.

The anti microban cutting board set prevents cross contamination with product protection. When one uses a cutting board to slice food items, they take the risk of leaving behind odor, bacteria and the growth of stain. If the same board is used for all food items, they will suffer from cross contamination. Chicken will smell like fish, apples will have meat stains on them and seafood will boast of veggie bacteria.

Therefore, HomeWarez introduced the cutting boards to ensure that all bacteria, odors and stains stay in one place. The surface of the boards is incredibly safe for knives, ensuring that the sharpness of the knife is not dulled out by continued use. They are also dishwasher friendly. One does not have to worry about ruining the boards by using dish washing soap on it over and over again; they can handle the wear and tear from the liquid. All in all, the cutting boards are something all kitchens need to have in stock.

The antibacterial cutting board set is just one of the many, many goods HomeWarez and its parent company ‘Absolute HomeWarez’ has to offer. There are items for everyone; grownups and children. Although they speacalize in kitchenware, they are slowly expanding out too.

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HomeWarez is all about helping men and women out in the kitchen by introducing items that will make work a lot easier for them. They intend to introduce goods that will revolutionize kitchenware and the way people normally run their kitchens.

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