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Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for a Relaxation Device for Stress Management in 3 minutes by Ipnotica LLC

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Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for a Relaxation Device for Stress Management in 3 minutes by Ipnotica LLC

Understanding the growing levels of stress people have to face in their daily life, Andrea Sallese, one of the co-founders of Ipnotica, originally came up with the idea for the Personal Relaxation Pod during a stressful period at work. He and his team at Ipotica believe that stress management exercises, therapy or meditation should be a part of most people’s lives. Therefore the company has planned to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a relaxation device called the Personal Relaxation Pod. The Pod has been designed to deliver combined benefits of meditation, relaxation exercises, light color therapy and aromatherapy in as little as three minutes a day. The campaign on Indiegogo will begin on the 27th of April, 2015 with a goal to reach $15,000 in 30 days.

The American Psychological Association’s recent survey suggested that nearly ¾ of all participants has reported that they suffer from physical and/or psychological symptoms related to stress. The increasing levels of stress come with health risks and ailments including headaches, heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia, more frequent colds and infections and even lower libido. Higher levels of stress also have a negative effect on people’s productivity and overall quality of life unless they willingly take conscious steps to tackle that problem with remedies such as meditation. The NCCIH, Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins University have released articles indicating that meditation can help improve mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, most health experts also advocate the use of relaxation therapies for stress relief and management.

Ipnotica LLC spokesperson explained: “The Pod is designed to help users access the benefits of meditation in as little as three minutes a day. It combines relaxation exercises with light color therapy as well as with an optional aromatherapy add on.” She further elaborated: “The exercises will include guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, ASMR tracks and binaural beats. The user can choose an exercise from the app which will be organized into sections including 3 minute relaxation, power nap, sleep aid and improved concentration. The lights are programmed to work in sync with the relaxation exercises.”

For contributing to the Ipnotica’s Personal Relaxation Pod crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the company will be giving away various perks. According to Ipnotica spokesperson the perks will start at $2 for an ebook of relaxation exercises and include the $79 Standard Kit with mask, electronic component and iOs or Android app as well as the $99 Deluxe Kit with aromatherapy.

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Ipnotica LLC is a company that has been established to provide information and products for stress, anger and anxiety management.

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