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Tiger Grip Launches New Range Of Safety Overshoes And Toe Caps

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Tiger Grip Launches New Range Of Safety Overshoes And Toe Caps

Tiger Grip
Tiger Grip, a France based company, has launched its all new range of safety overshoes and toe caps. These shoes are designed to reduce accidents in the workplace caused by slipping and falling.

A France based company, Tiger Grip, has launched its new range of overshoes on its official website. These shoes are manufactured to provide an easy grip to those who work in the food industries, factories, hospitals and on rough terrain. There is a great variety of overshoe to choose from. Made from sturdy materials, these shoes are manufactured in four different sizes and are designed to cater to the shoes sizes of people worldwide. According to the experts, these shoes are a must have for those who work in an environment that demands long hours standing and/or walking. Wearing these shoes in the workplace is expected to reduce slip and fall accidents to a great degree. The shoes are also machine washable at 40°C.

When asked, the spokesperson for the company said, “We are glad to announce the launch of our new range of safety overshoes which have been designed with the needs of those people who work in factories, places with ice and other similar circumstances in mind. These non-slip shoes are built to reduce the number of accidents that occur in such work environments due to slipping and tripping.” He further added, “We have also manufactured high quality overshoes that companies can offer those visiting their work premises. The overshoes assist in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene and in reducing minor accidents.”

These safety overshoes, manufactured by Tiger Grip, can be worn over any type of shoes. Made from sturdy materials, the shoes are an example of perfect shoe engineering. The company also manufactures safety toe cap shoes, non-slip shoes, ice-grip shoes, visitor overshoes and toe caps for visitors. These shoes provide an all-in-one solution for a simple, hygienic and comfortable work experience.

About Tiger Grip

Tiger Grip is a France based company that manufactures over shoes designed to comply with safety measures in the workplace. The company recently launched its new range of footwear for men and women.

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Company Name: Tigergrip
Contact Person: Jacques Raboin
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Phone: +33 (0) 5 34 60 56 56
Address:120 rue Fornier, BEAUZELLE
State: Haute-Garonne
Country: France


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