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New Orleans-set film goes Green

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New Orleans-set film goes Green

Feature film Going Due South goes environmental

Going Due South’s script garners as much buzz in Hollywood as it is the interest of some of today’s most popular actors, and producers are excited to be at the forefront of environmentally sound production standards in Hollywood.

Partnering with SEEDS of Durham, NC, she feels there is no way the film can make its big debut without keeping the earth in mind. Donating a portion of its proceeds to the organization, Going Due South wants to stay true to its roots. Writer/Producer, Janet Arlotta, has always wanted to approach this production with a community awareness and respect for the planet.

Producing partners, Arlotta and Carol Eisenrauch are pursuing their “green goals”, with initiatives such as reusable water bottles to LED lighting solutions.  The pair have considered every aspect of waste, and may just be unstoppable when it comes to the first 100% green production.
This Earth Day it is only fitting to celebrate the partnership between Seeds and Going Due South, bringing the global community together one seed at time.  Seeds celebrates the week with their Dig Pie Social on Saturday, April 25th.

Going Due South, an independent feature film set in the intoxicating backdrop of New Orleans, is written and produced by industry vet Janet Arlotta, semi-finalist in Final Draft’s Big Break Screenwriting Contest.

The pic recently kicked off its crowdfunding campaign with Tony Lucca’s endorsement of the film and his announcing his involvement in the project.  Lucca has recorded a video urging punters to support it. SEEDS: 2% of all funds raised will be donated to Seeds.

SEEDS teaches respect for life, for the earth and for each other through gardening and growing food. Located in the heart of Durham, we promote principles of sustainable agriculture, organic gardening, food security and environmental stewardship through a variety of garden-based programs. We hope you’ll visit us in our urban sanctuary!

Check out the Crowdfunding campaign

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