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OnePlus One smartphone available without invite

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OnePlus One smartphone available without invite

Chinese startup OnePlus’s first smartphone, the OnePlus One, made waves last year by offering powerful specs at an affordable price. While this excited many, OnePlus’ decision to use an invite system left many peeved as it limited those who could buy the phone. On Monday the company is changing those plans, allowing anyone to purchase the phone from the company’s website whenever they wish.

Both the 16GB and 64GB versions of the phone will be available without invites. The devices will also still be running a version of Android customized by the startup Cyanogen, not OnePlus’s own new Android-based OxygenOS. The OnePlus One starts at $299 unlocked for the 16GB version ($349 for the 64GB model) and includes many of the same specs found on pricier devices from Samsun635650777138279441-oneplus-oneg, LG and HTC. The current phone features a 5.5-inch full HD display, 13-megapixel rear camera with a 5-megapixel front sensor as well as a speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 3GB of RAM.

Since releasing the phone last April the company has sold over one million devices. It wasn’t a completely seamless first year however, as the company employed an invite-only system that limited buyers to those who had received an invite from the company directly or from someone who had already purchased the device. This process was designed to help control manufacturing costs for the startup but left plenty of perspective buyers unhappy.

In February OnePlus began allowing for those without invites to purchase the OnePlus One on Tuesdays– an invite would be required if you wished to purchase during the other six days of the week–but it wasn’t until today that anyone could purchase the phone. OnePlus hopes to sell between 3-5 million phones this year and Pei says the OnePlus 2 will adhere to the business model the company has applied to the OnePlus One, selling the phones at a lower cost with smaller margins to get people using the company’s software.


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