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New crowd-funding campaign aims to raise funds for a kitten battling sepsis – How you can get involved!

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New crowd-funding campaign aims to raise funds for a kitten battling sepsis – How you can get involved!

A 2-year old ragdoll kitten is currently fighting for his life and urgently needs help to save his life. The kitten, whose name is Tybee, is battling sepsis-which is a rare complication that is as a result of an infection. Due to this complication, Tybee has abnormal low-blood sugar levels, acute kidney failure as well as abdominal bleeding. Tybee needs to undergo intensive medical treatment for survival, thanks to the fact that sepsis can kill both cats and humans alike within 12 hours. But now that it has been 36 hours since he was diagnosed with the disease, then it means that he is miraculously alive.

However, according to the owners Mo and Kristy, Tybee is still in critical condition. The couple noted that losing their companion pet to sepsis would be such a huge loss considering that there was a strong bond between them and him. “Late night cuddles headbutts first thing in the morning and greeting on the door keep strengthening our bond with Tybee,” said the couple.

Tybee developed early symptoms of sepsis on April 15, when the couple noticed unusual vomiting and diarrhea, and on Monday, they found him almost unconscious and immediately rushed him to the hospital. The doctors at the hospital were unable to establish the exact cause of Tybee’s illness. His condition worsened by Tuesday morning and worse still, the doctors had not yet established the exact cause of Tybee’s illness. Mo and Kristy knew they were running out of time. Due to their pet’s quickly worsening condition, the doctor at the hospital asked them to seek the help of an internal medicine specialist.

On Wednesday, they took him to a specialist for further testing. But even there, the doctors were unable to established the cause of his illness and only treated his symptoms.

By now, the couple has already incurred $6,000 in medical expenses and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. As if that is not enough, the doctor has given them an estimate for Tybee’s intensive care over the coming 24 hours and the cost of care is now nearing $10,000 in total. This has indeed made them make one of the most difficult decisions as caretakers. Because the doctors really wanted to make sure their pet has a second chance, they have granted the couple $ 500 from the doctor’s Angel Fund just to give him another 12 hours and see whether Tybee would improve.

Mo and Kristy have begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel but are still asking for help to see whether Tybee can pull through, now that he has made it this far.

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