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Fyoosion Launches Advanced A/b Testing Tools to Help Marketers Improve Website Value and Drive Conversion

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Fyoosion Launches Advanced A/b Testing Tools to Help Marketers Improve Website Value and Drive Conversion

Fyoosion announces sophisticated A/B testing service for marketers.

Fyoosion, the innovative marketing automation platform that aims to empower marketers in unique ways, has announced advanced A/B testing service based on sophisticated automated programs. The service is expected to maximize campaign effectiveness and help marketers accurately identify what will work best for their website.

“Fyoosion is a task-driven and data-driven platform that does not depend on gut feeling but on solid data,” says CEO and founder, Abhishek Jain. “We have redefined the parameters of A/B testing, a core component of online marketing. “Our advanced A/B testing feature allows marketers to test everything as our sophisticated automation platform is capable of handling competing variants. We deliver statistically significant results relating to the metrics that matter most to your business.”

A/B testing is a service that’s commonly offered by various marketing companies. What makes Fyoosion stand out from the rest is that their team of marketing experts has taken this activity to a new level of performance and efficiency. This powerful and innovative marketing platform allows online businesses to test various metrics. This includes fixed components such as images and copy and variables such as offer, pricing, shipping options, site flow, device, customer source, traffic type, time and date, geo-location and more.

Fyoosion’s advanced A/B testing service is designed to help customers automatically run and optimize their marketing campaigns. It supports the creation and delivery of multi-faceted campaigns, using multiple channels, which can be automatically optimized over time.

“A/B testing is one of the areas of marketing that we are sharply focused on,” adds Abhishek Jain. The CEO reiterates that marketers can run a great and highly successful campaign when they are freed from the risks of guesswork and can rely on facts offered by real user data. Multiple variables can be combined for A/B Testing to receive the best possible options for online marketing initiatives with Fyoosion’s unique solutions.

“We are positive that marketers will get great A/B testing results with Fyoosion. Their ability to run A/B testing with our improved tools can significantly improve the effectiveness of their campaigns,” says Abhishek Jain.

This innovative digital marketing automation platform is focused on helping marketers transform customer experience by reducing bounce rates, increasing conversions and helping them achieve higher conversion value leading to more sales.

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