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High Performance – A Manager’s Prerogative: Managers Promote and Shape How Employees Think, Communicate, and Act

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High Performance – A Manager’s Prerogative: Managers Promote and Shape How Employees Think, Communicate, and Act

INNOVA Group is a business consulting firm, in business since 1986, specializing in Business Enterprise Leadership and Governance Improvement, Project/Process Training Certification, and Organization Development.
High Performance is Defined By Managerial Communications and Actions – How a Management Community Empowers and Governs Organizational Stakeholders Determines an Organization’s Destiny.

High performance businesses are learning organizations that adapt with and sustain their marketplace relevance over time. They constantly learn with customers to achieve satisfaction, add value and pursue excellence faster than competitors.

To create, lead and govern a high performance business enterprise requires:

  • Aligning the entire management community with customer demand by establishing well-defined strategies and plans, institutionalizing system and process discipline, and using measurements to focus and reinforce stakeholder engagement
  • Inviting and engaging customers in collaborative learning, interdependent product and service execution, and collective celebrations of progress achieved, quality delivered and value created
  • Being factual and objective in defining potential while being timely, proactive and transparent in seeking feedback and visually validating decision-making
  • Using communication technology to effectively share information, facilitate timely communications, and promote in-the-moment learning based performance management.

Management community customer-centeredness, application of a system governance philosophy and methodology, and effective, transparent communications, determine a business enterprise’s potential and longevity. High performance managers embrace complex, ambiguous marketplace dynamics and translate them into something of value for all. They continuously renew an organization’s capacity to compete through constant learning, reinvention, innovation and continuous improvement.


INNOVA Group, Inc. was founded in 1986. It is a network of Organization Development professionals providing leadership and management development, project management training and coaching, as well as cultural development and management process consulting. The focus of INNOVA’s products and service is to support managers in creating and nurturing high performing, globally competitive learning organizations that maximize marketplace and human potential. 

Fundamentally, INNOVA is an organization development consulting company. Their client list includes a broad range of organizations and industries. Their programs and services have been delivered throughout the global marketplace.


To support management communities in creating and sustaining High Performance Learning Organizations to eliminate the ongoing, harmful effects of traditional governance and leadership communications and behaviors. 

INNOVA Mission

TO provide management communities and associates with the leadership and management development, protect management training and coaching, as well as, the organization development continually needed to create and sustain High Performance Learning Organizations. | [email protected] | 919-792-3968

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