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D1 Jewelry presenting the ultimate Wedding and Engagement Rings

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D1 Jewelry presenting the ultimate Wedding and Engagement Rings

Rua Castilho, Lisbon – 14 April, 2015 – D1 Jewelry excels in the manufacture and the supply of engagement rings and wedding rings in beautiful and sophisticated designs serving as the perfect embodiment of a milestone in the lives of two different people. At D1 Jewelry one can find rings of different varieties within affordable range and with a charm that works as a great medium of lasting celebration of an engagement or a wedding.

D1 Jewelry takes special care in crafting engagement rings and wedding rings in the best designs taking the commitment of work of almost three generations of craftsmen setters and jewelers. Inspiration, experience and excellence are used in combination for designing jewelries of all varieties including engagement and wedding rings. Jewelry articles available from D1 Jewelry go a long way in making that perfect difference through their innovative and stylish designs and even through attentive detailing making each piece lasting and exclusive. This jewelry store assures its customers with high degree professional service and even offers counseling services to its customers. The counseling services offered by D1 Jewelry are aimed towards helping customers get hold of precious and unique pieces realizing their imagination.

Coming to the collection of wedding rings and engagement rings at D1 Jewelry there are some exclusive and innovative pieces that can be spoken about. The different collections of wedding rings at D1 Jewelry include Dune Collection, Collection Cayman, Essence Collection, Collection Fields of Gold and Collection Ambassador of Love. Engagement ring collection of D1 Jewelry comprises of Solitary, Pearls, Diamonds and Heartbeat. Each and every ring, whether it is an engagement ring or a wedding ring, has been intricately designed and even re-designed with sophistication and originality. The Ambassador of Love collection of wedding rings has been created to serve as a mark of love in gold light and elegance. D1 Jewelry alsodeals in the supply of memoirs that serve as pieces symbolizing perpetuate moments and milestones.

At D1 Jewelry – Aneis de Noivado, customers are considered to be more important in comparison to profits. This is the reason why professionals, experts and craftsmen working with this jewelry store take extra care and effort in coming up with the best designs available at the best prices. Providing quality customer support and service is a kind of passion for the ones working with D1 Jewelry and the reward that they get for such services are the confidence and the trust of their customers. D1 strictly believes in not sacrificing the future for more benefits. Improvement at D1 is not taken as an option; instead it is taken as an integral part of development.

Shopping for wedding rings and engagement rings has been revised and updated thoroughly with the inception of D1 Jewelry – Aliancas de Casamento. It is a jewelry store that has been very successful in availing unbeatable value and that too without compromising with the quality of its products. This store is a world leader when it comes to showcasing elegant and timeless pieces of jewelry for the bride and the bridegroom.

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Phone: (+315) 963 556 240
Address:Edifício Castil Rua Castilho, 39 – Loja 21/22 1250-068
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