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Integrity Home Pro Heralds Value in Entry Door Replacement

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Integrity Home Pro Heralds Value in Entry Door Replacement

Integrity Home Pro illuminates the incredible value homeowners get from replacing their entry doors.

For homeowners looking to boost the value in their homes, there are plenty of projects to choose from. Some of them can yield significant improvements in overall property value—projects such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Other projects, like home office additions, add comparatively little value. For homeowners looking to get the best return on their home improvement investment, however, the best project is a surprising one: Entry door replacement. In a new statement to the press, Integrity Home Pro champions the value in this home improvement.

“Entry door replacement may seem like a relatively small project, at least when compared with bathroom and kitchen remodeling, yet the value it adds can be enormous,” comments Danny Peterson, the founder of Integrity Home Pro. “In fact, many home improvement experts say that this is actually among the best things you can do to boost your home’s worth.”

Peterson is not the only one to note this. A recent article from The Fiscal Times is similarly enthusiastic about the value in entry door replacement. The article lists all the home improvement projects that add value, and entry door replacement comes in at the very top. In fact, the article notes that entry door replacement can actually offer a recoup on the investment of more than 100 percent.

“This is largely a matter of curb appeal,” Peterson offers. “The entry door is one of the first things a potential buyer will notice, and it will set the first impression of your home. If you want to make a truly great first impression, invest in a beautiful new entry door.”

Additionally, Peterson notes that a clean, new entry door is the sign of a well-maintained home. “When buyers see a brand new entry door, that shows them that the home is actively being cared for, and that it’s probably in great shape,” he affirms.

Peterson concludes by stating that entry door replacement is not something to tackle on a DIY basis. “Have it done right, and protect that home investment,” he says. “Call in the professionals from Integrity Home Pro.”

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Integrity Home Pro is a home improvement and remodeling company based in Bowie and serving the greater Baltimore area. The company was founded by Danny Peterson, with the mission of being a positive alternative to other, less-than-reputable remodeling companies. Since its founding, Integrity Home Pro has made a name for itself on the basis of its transparency, its peerless warranties, its exceptional customer service, and its strict adherence to the Golden Rule.

More information is available at or @ IntegrityMHIC

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