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Having a new baby in the house can bring lots of disruption. Because babies can only take small amounts of nourishment at a time, they have to be fed every two hours or so at the start. That means moms and dads struggle to get a full night’s sleep. As the child grows, the feeding intervals increase.

Just as the baby is managing to go the whole night without food, the disruption starts all over again as the baby starts teething. While teething may be stressful for parents, it is also a painful and uncomfortable process for babies. There are some remedies you can use to ease baby’s discomfort:

1) Gum massage

Make sure your hands and fingernails are clean, and use your index finger to gently massage your baby’s gums. This improves the blood flow to the gum and helps reduce the pressure that the baby is feeling.

Do not massage too much. Your baby’s gums are very tender at that early stage of life, and overdoing massage can do more harm than good. You should not spend more than 2 minutes massaging. This is essentially what a quality BabyTeething Necklace will mimic as well.

2) Give your baby chewy toys

A BabyTeething Necklace and chewy toys are an old, but effective, remedy for teething problems. Babies seem to get relief from chewing on them. You can increase the effectiveness of these chewy objects by keeping them chilled before giving them to the baby.

Chilling should be done in the normal part of the refrigerator, and not in the icebox or the freezer section. If there is ice or frost on the outside of the chewy toy or ring, wait until it has thawed out completely before giving it to your baby.

Never give your baby objects that have frozen liquids inside. The low temperatures of these objects can cause damage to your baby’s gums.

3) Use a chilled spoon

Chill a teaspoon in the refrigerator, and then press the rounded part gently against the baby’s gums. This is similar to massaging, except you are using a spoon instead of your finger.

This treatment is only appropriate before any teeth have broken through. You should not use spoons or any other solid objects once there are teeth visible, as you could chip the new teeth.

4) Medications

Many babies suffer hardly any discomfort when teething. For most babies, the level of discomfort is enough to make them agitated and uncomfortable, and the remedies above will often be enough to reduce the discomfort.

Some babies will suffer a greater level of discomfort, and you may need to use some type of medication to bring relief. There are products available without prescription at your pharmacy. You should discuss these with your pharmacist before deciding which is best for your baby.

Be careful that you do not miss some more serious health problem by thinking that your baby’s discomfort is being caused by teething. If your baby is showing any other symptoms, such as a high temperature, you should get your baby checked out by a medical professional.

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