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[IN-DEPTH] Rank and Bank System Review & Exclusive [Fast Traffic Bonus] – Created by Web Expert Hanif Quentino

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[IN-DEPTH] Rank and Bank System Review & Exclusive [Fast Traffic Bonus] – Created by Web Expert Hanif Quentino

Does the Rank and Bank System: AAA Video Edition deliver on its bold promise of helping marketers drive consistent revenue from video marketing? Does it truly contain complete step-by-step instructions?

Hanif Quentino, President of eMarketingChamps, answers these important questions in his in-depth article: – Rank and Bank System Exposed

The Rank and Bank System is supposed to contain an entire methodology for researching, creating and ranking profitable videos that are designed to review affiliate products and be easy for beginners to follow. The following tips give a general overview of how videos can rank within 24 hours.

Although this may seem like an outlandish claim to make, it is actually possible to rank a YouTube video in as little as 24 hours. It is well-known that creating a video, uploading it to the YouTube channel, and trying to outrank articles and websites that are already on the web is possible, this usually takes several months, and an elaborate back linking strategy in order to get results. Fortunately, there is a faster way to get this done using this little-known strategy on how to rank a YouTube video in 24 hours.

Longtail Keywords

If one is not familiar with how keywords are used on the Internet, they are what the search engines use to determine your ranking. The shorter that the key word is, the more competition it will have, and therefore you will be up against insurmountable odds as to reaching page 1 for that particular keyword, especially with the word review or other modifier appended to it. However, if they are for keywords or longer, you may not get as much traffic, but the odds of ranking are greatly magnified. If you are using a YouTube video, putting this longtail keyword in the title and description, as well as in the tag, you are almost guaranteed a top ranking.

The Key To Making This Work

The key to making this work is to make sure that the article thats being used in the description has your keyword at least three times. There should be an outbound link pointed to another video, or a high-ranking website, giving your description some credibility. Finally, make sure that the main keyword is used in the first sentence, and also the first part of the title. As long as it is four words or longer, a video should be able to rank a very low competition keyword phrase in about 24 hours.

Hanif’s full article on the Rank & Bank System (AAA Video Edition) can be seen here: – Rank and Bank System Exposed

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