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‘’ Use Science to Confirm the Wisdom of Tradition: Finds over 60% of Obesity is Not Your Fault

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‘’ Use Science to Confirm the Wisdom of Tradition: Finds over 60% of Obesity is Not Your Fault

April 13, 2015 – What can be considered the single most pioneering discovery? A new herbal medicine for obesity was recently launched. And if the observations are anything to go by, this may be the Holy Grail obese people have for long been on a hunt for.

Over three decades, CEO of, Glen Rees BSc ND has been secretly working to develop a long-awaited cure for obesity, a health condition scientists have in the past considered incurable. A single formulation, which employs ingredients from Indias Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicines, might be the long awaited answer to obesity and a long chain of other ailments, including thyroid, neurological, hormonal, menopausal & even cholesterol disorders too.

Obesity is defined by Body Mass Index(BMI) which is a ratio of weight to height & above 30, one is considered obese. Other studies confirm that obesity not only makes the immune system defenceless to a series of diseases, it also takes a horrendous toll on the mind. But after an in-depth research on the subject matter, Glen Rees discovered a new gem that would see to it that obesity is no longer considered a serious problem in 2015 and beyond.

Whilst giving details on how the organic supplement works, Glen was exuberant to explain how its ingredients were selected using the leverage of modern computational science in tandem with the wisdom of the Ancients to help offer a permanent solution to these issues.

Quite a number of users, lucky enough to be amongst those trying the product for the first time, have been quick to ratify the product. Some claiming that they only tried the product because of the catchphrase “evidence based.” But to their surprise it was as exactly as touted.

“As a matter of fact, all the details explaining how the product works are pretty simple and understandable, propped up with a satiating scientific muster that erases any doubt you could have had while taking the supplement,” says Olivia, a happy user of the product who’s apparently still grappling with the fact that obesity may now have a sure-fire cure.

For some, the fact that the treatment makes exercise optional to lose weight is what got them to try it in the first place. Asked on how this is possible Glen meticulously explains how the capsules stimulate metabolism through gentle detoxification & the re-establishing of an important  biological pathway which releases hormones to work naturally that the user gains a healthy amount of natural muscle, so that fatty tissues are then ousted in a healthy manner.

A trend success rate of around 90 percent is gained as long as general diet principals & hydration levels are maintained therefore few side effects are noted.
Whilst some people are still convinced that the victims are the one’s to blame for being obese, Glen has some interesting facts on the subject. According to his observations, while some of the things people do may actually aggravate the condition, more than 60 percent of obese cases are usually stirred by other factors that are way beyond human control.

Unlike other capsules that claim to cure obesity, through sheer volume of customers, Glen observes that around 1/3 of obesity is Customer caused via poor diet and lethargy, while the remaining 2/3 focuses on the correlation between weight loss through Toxins. DNA, and Heavy metals, which scientists often posit are the main causes of obesity anyway.

Finally, Glen explains that, due to the multiple actions of his formulation, one does not necessarily need to be obese to gain benefit. Indeed if non-obese folk use his capsules not only do they get the symptomatic relief they are looking for, they also gain a healthy ‘inches’ benefit. More details on how exactly the product works or where to place your order can be found on their evidence herbal website.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

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