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Glam up each day with the right kind of jewellery

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Glam up each day with the right kind of jewellery

In India too, jewellery is more than just adornments. They are a part of our rich culture and the intricate work of Indian jewellery reflects our skilled craftsmanship in terms of art and beauty. The real proof of the artistic sense and skill of Indians lie in the jewellery that we wear. The delicate work in the jewellery is no less than exquisite work of art.
Jewellery has been a part of culture since the birth of primitive civilizations. Excavations have proved that jewellery existed in every civilization in ancient times. They were perhaps not only adornments but also symbols of culture and honour.

Jewellery is classified according to the places on the body where they are worn. Let us move from top to bottom. If we consider all the places where jewellery can be worn, the maangtika comes first. It is an ornament that is placed right at the parting of the hair in the middle. In some cases the maangtika has strands of designed jewellery attached to it on both sides. They are to be pulled and clipped on the side of each ear. That is known as a mathapatti and is a part of bridal jewellery in most parts of India. The detailed working of the mathapatti makes an Indian bride look divine.

Earrings too can be of various shapes and sizes. You get the studs, the big round ones seated on the earlobe called the pasha earrings, the jhumkas and baalis. Apart from different kinds of necklaces, rings, bangles and bracelets there is also the payal worn at the ankle. Other traditional specimens of jewellery can be the bajubandh worn on your arm and the kamarbadh that embraces the curves of your waist and sits right there. Indian jewellery is rich, varied and divinely gorgeous.

Sometimes finding the right women’s jewellery shop in india can be quite a troublesome job. Getting all that you are looking for under one roof can be rare. But with the advent of online shopping, shopping for jewellery for women has never been so easy. Online shopping sites like IndiaRush provide you the best women’s jewellery Store. Here you can buy readymade jewellery for women at absolutely reasonable prices. You also get every kind of jewellery you are looking for, starting from traditional jewellery to contemporary ones in beads or imitation or stone work. Also you can shop according to your favorite jewellery brands in india. So never miss out a chance to style yourself up with the essence of Indian jewellery. Look hip and happening or sophisticated according to the way you adorn yourself with jewellery.

About IndiaRush:

IndiaRush is a website where you can shop extensively from women. From clothing to accessories you get everything that women need. Jewellery is widely available at IndiaRush and the collection is absolutely versatile. You can get every kind of jewellery and also of various materials. From traditional pieces in kundan, jadau or meenakari you can get costume jewellery, beads and terracotta ones. Choose according to your preference, occasion, work, material, brand, type and even price range. Shop at your leisure and your favorite jewellery pieces will be delivered to your home within some days.

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