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(FMN, M. Gerald Reporting)

A group of Atlanta businessmen have discovered the goose that laid the golden egg, coupled with Einstein’s ability to see things in a light others are blind to, has just struck pay dirt. In a lifetime most scientific researchers dream to invent even just one solid medical test that could change the industry, who would have thought that one man would have patent pending on not just one new medical test, but three in less than one year?

Atlanta, GA – April 13, 2015 – Maybe it’s dumb luck, chance, or just hard work, who knows, but over the last year one man has pushed the limits of probability, defied the odds and made medical history. Environmental and medical research scientist Michael A. Pugliese of Atlanta, GA in a mind blowing 12 month period has invented 3 new medical tests that may very well send ripples across several major industries. Pugliese a Board Certified Environmentalist and Homeopathic physician set his sights on solving the mystery of Sick Building Syndrome, mold exposure, Mycotoxin poisoning, Endotoxin poisoning, and mystery inflammatory conditions.

Pugliese stated in 1987 his mother living in FL. was stricken ill with an unknown inflammatory condition. Her attending physician did what every other MD would do and administered steroids to reduce the inflammation, a medical decision which quickly resulted in his mother’s death. Pugliese discovered that in his mother’s home the crawl space where the HVAC system was installed was completely covered in black mold. His father was also suffering from medical symptoms that made no sense to him, or any of his father’s physicians. Within several months of his mother’s death his father relocated and his bizarre symptoms eventually subsided. Pugliese knew that there was a connection with the home, the mold, his mother’s death and his father’s illness. Driven by these haunting thoughts he set out to solve a riddle. Little did he know he was embarking on a 28 year journey that would lead him to his own near disability and possible death?

In 2003, after entering into a heavily mold contaminated environment to do environmental research Pugliese quickly became ill. Over the next 9 months he traveled from doctor to doctor, with the same results, all tests showed negative, his unexplained poor health continued to decline almost leaving totally disabled. Fearing the worst, he finally took his health into his own hands and was able to find full recovery. Now knowing what he, his mother, father and countless numbers of people across the U.S. were up against, he set his sights on isolating every pathogen in Sick Buildings and indoor water damaged environments, and this year that dedication paid off.

Pugliese stated: “We had to wait for technology to catch up to our thoughts. DNA PCR sequencing and other technologies that recently became affordable for common use have been the factor which has allowed us the breakthroughs needed to bring these tests into mainstream medicine and provide them to the general public.” These tests that he developed, like the M7 Mycotoxin test, the E-100 Endotoxin test and the (1—>3) β-D beta glucan test for human diagnostics may help solve the mysteries of Sick Building Syndrome, Mycotoxin poisoning, Endotoxin poisoning, various unsolved inflammatory diseases and even possibly the causes of some types of cancers.

Pugliese went on to say that these new medical tests will give mold exposure victims and the occupants living in sick buildings a clear path to scientifically and medically prove that these contaminated environments are directly responsible for their illnesses, and perhaps change the way public health looks at Sick Building Syndrome, mold exposure and mycotoxin poisoning.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

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