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Justin Walker Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Jamaican Patties to More Locations in the USA

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Justin Walker Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Jamaican Patties to More Locations in the USA

Justin Walker is a man who spent his childhood and youth in Kingston recalls all that is great about Jamaica, after migrating to Rochester New York after living in Jamaica for 22 years his ambition in life is to bring to US and to other countries of the world a taste of Jamaica, through the Jamaican Beef Patty. Justin’s goal is to bake and deliver freshly prepared Jamaican Patties from his bakery in Phoenix, AZ to convenience stores around the area where the patties would be kept warm and ready to serve in warming unit. To achieve this goal a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been started to raise $125,000 by Mon, Jun 8 2015.

The story of Beef Patty and Justin Walker goes back to Justin’s school days in Kingston. According to Justin, the motivation for introducing the Jamaican Patties to US and then the rest of the world is to add something positive to the perception of Jamaica and Jamaicans to people all over the world. Justin narrates: “Growing up as teen in Kingston during the 70s, I lived next to a home bakery owned by a guy named Jah Lloyd. He baked beef patties and bulla. During the summers while on break from school, I would wake up to the distinct aroma of delicious beef patties being baked.”

According to Justin, the delectable smell and taste of the beef patties drew him to the bakery to help in whatever work he was given in order to learn the art of baking the renowned beef patties, which were popular in other areas of Kingston. Gradually over a span of many years Justin says that he was able to learn most things about the making of beef patties but the progress had halted due to summer of 1979 when the violence in Jamaica broke out. Now after 2 decades of moving to New York Justin is able to pursue his dream. Justin elaborated: “I have just graduated from renowned culinary school in Phoenix, AZ, which the sole purpose of attending was to learn the rules and regulations of the food industry.” He has also worked in the same industry for many years.

In the Kickstarter Campaign brief Justin explain that the raised money will help him fund the warming units, mixing units and other essentials for the manufacturing and marketing of the Jamaican Beef Patties. The bakery will produce Beef Patty, Chicken Patty, Jerk Chicken Patty Veggie Patty, Jerk Pork Patty, Cheese Patty. People who contribute to the campaign will be receiving various perks as an appreciation for helping out.

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About Justin Walker:

Born in Kingston, Jamaica where he lived for 22 years until he migrated to Rochester, NY along with my 5 siblings. Cooking has always been Justin’s passion ever since his early days back home. He has, over the years, developed several dishes, mostly Jamaican. He has been in the food industry for quite a while and has recently graduated from a well-known Culinary School in Phoenix, AZ.

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Company Name: Walker’s Jamaican Patties
Contact Person: Justin Walker
Email: Send Email
Phone: 480-317-0253
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Country: United States


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