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New Album DOIN’ IT By Gator Presented By The Tate Music Group

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New Album DOIN’ IT By Gator Presented By The Tate Music Group

DOIN’ IT By Gator
Tate Music Group, a renowned music label is presenting its new album Doin’ it. The artist of this album is Gator, famous musician of Hip-Hop and Rap genre.

Tate Music Group is ready with its new album titled Doin’ it for music lovers. The album is prepared by renowned rap and hip hop artists Gator. He is an artist of Planet Earth Native America and inspired with cultures of several countries from all over the world.

Speaking to media, a spokesperson from the company stated, “Yes, we are ready with our new album, Doin’ it for music lovers from all over the world. All the songs are composed and done by Gator, who is known for his spiritual master skills that makes him different from mediocre mortals. Each song in this album is melodious.”

The Doin’ it album has total 15 songs including Gimmi-5 Original Mix, Doin’ It Original Mix, Baby (Inc.) Original Mix, Don’t B Foolish Remix, Let’s Make Love, It’s Like Dat Original, Travellin’ Man Original, Dance Original Mix, Big Balling Original Mix, Feel Free Original Mix, Chain-Reaction Original, Taking It Eazy Original, Back-n-D-Day Original and Coastin’ Original Mix among others. The album is available on iTunes.

Gator is an artist with immense talent and good understanding about digital and analogue recording. He is influenced by a number of composers from past and present generation. He is blessed with several positive aspects of mortal life and his presence motivates others. His songs in Doin’it are creating a huge buzz among the fans and the demand is likely to head north in near future. Gator’s sound set is known for raising the spirit for ascension with his pleasant soul and mind.

Stella, one of the listeners of Doin’it commented, “I am in love with this album just because of Gator. He is great and superbly energetic, we can feel in every song in this album. This is the time to feel Gator’s energy with his compositions. Blessings!!! Onebloodline 4eternity.”

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About Tate Music Group

Tate Music Group is an US based record label company that has just released album Doin’it composed by famous hip hop artist and rapper Gator.

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