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Sustainable Food For The Globe: Best-selling Author Norma Burnson To Launch Her Second Book On Earth Day

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Sustainable Food For The Globe: Best-selling Author Norma Burnson To Launch Her Second Book On Earth Day

Slated to be officially launched on Earth Day, April 22, 2015, the book will debut exclusively on Amazon!

April 8, 2015 – Chicago, Illinois, United States – “Sustainable Food for the Globe, Everyday People Producing Food in Abundance,” by bestselling author Norma Burnson, is scheduled to launch on Earth Day, April 22, 2015, focuses on one obvious issue: that all living creatures on earth must eat to stay alive. In her second book, Norma takes a look at everyday people handling many of the global problems using ingenious solutions. Salma Kamal believes one answer to scarcity begins by each household having its own kitchen garden. Mrs. Kamal from Pakistan not only distributes seeds, but also provides guidance on productive gardening techniques. In addition, she involves all members of the community including the future pioneers: the children. John hood, the garden guru who lives in British Colombia, Canada teaches young children through visits to an orchard.

John engages their young minds to capture the importance of the food Mother Earth provides naturally for everyone. Deborah Manning, from New Zealand, left the corporate arena to focus on her true calling, rescuing and redistributing perfectly edible food to those are in need. In his V pilot project Bruce Milne’s Veteran colleagues challenge US Veterans to use the example of their veteran’s pilot system to grow all types of food in any terrain or location. These are just a few of the collaborators who are tapping into their creativity and sharing their ingenious efforts to help keep the planet vibrant and alive! Using their examples people can inspire each other to find their innate gems and turn them into life-affirming solutions.

Norma believes that as more and more people become aware of the fragile state of earth, the global community will work together to ensure the healing of Mother Earth.

Educating and empowering the youth with multiple techniques such as Permaculture and Organic Garden, it is possible to revitalize the land and produce greater harvests of food worldwide.

“Sustainable Food for the Globe, Everyday People Producing Food in Abundance” will be released on April 22, 2015 and will be available on Amazon.

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About Norma Burnson

Mrs. Burnson received The International Women’s Leadership Association’s Delegate Award in 2013, in recognition of services rendered to the country as a U.S. Navy Veteran and for demonstrating leadership in both national and international business arenas; for dedication to her community as a college professor and mentor; for being a sustainable food activist and humanitarian. She also happens to be the Founder & Senior Partner at Burnson & Associates, LP and the Director of Fundraising, Energime University, created to develop a socio-economic model for global collaboration and education empowerment based on creating sustainable platforms that would expand economies while regulating and fostering environmental protections.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Norma Burnson
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Phone: (773) 767-2144
Address:6352 S. Lockwood Avenue
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