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Guys – Explore, Go Deep And Know The Ladies First With

Popular international dating site analyzes important survey results about understanding women to help single guys date finest women in the world more efficiently.

Many guys may have noticed something about women from the experience of dating their former lover or current girlfriend. Most women have once complained that their dating partners don’t quite get them. Do you understand your lady well? While some guys bow down to this and surrender by admitting that understanding women is truly difficult, others like to argue that men have become more understanding of women.

CharmDate, a leading international online dating platform that especially caters to western gentlemen who are looking to date gorgeous women from East Europe, has recently analyzed a study related to understanding women and tried to find out the truth about whether men really do understand women and what they want.

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To understand how well men understand women, an authoritative research center asked a bunch of men and women the same set of questions. Poll finds out how much their answers differ. While some of the differences are well guessed, others may seem kind of shocking.

When asked whether women like their dates to text them first, 91% men said yes and 86% women agreed. 3% men said no and only 1% of women agreed with that. However, 14% of women said that it does not matter who takes the initiative. When asked what a woman’s worst fear is about the first date, the statistics were pretty close by. Both men and women agreed that the worst fear is whether the date will turn out to be boring.

When asked about the ideal venue for a date, most guys guessed it would be a café instead of a bar. While many of the women agreed to it, but what was surprising that men didn’t guess that women would prefer bars as an ideal venue for dates. While a large number of men guessed movies would be ideal, very few women agreed to it. Do women like when the guys decide the time and place of the date? 92% of men said yes, and 96% of women responded the same way!

As far as the guy’s clothing preferences are concerned, 71% of men thought it would be business casuals, and only 53% of women agreed. Almost half of the women said they prefer their dates to be dressed casuals. So guys simple t-shirt and jeans would be suffice to impress your ladies!

When asked about what turns women off about a guy, 55% men answered saying talking about their ex. However, women considered four habits to be equally off putting. These fours habits included talking too much about himself, talking about ex, being too physical, and not offering to pay.

So while it seems men have made a significant improvement in figuring out what women want; they still have a long way to go before fully deciphering what goes on in the mind of the ladies.

When pursuing the beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls, western gentlemen need to keep these factors in mind. This will definitely help them figure out how to win the hearts of these beauties!

About, the premium international dating site with the goal of providing a safe, secure and exciting dating platform for single men to connect, chat and date beautiful women from Russia, Ukraine and other East European countries. The company offers a set of first-class communicating and dating tools featuring EMF mail, Live Chat, Live Video, Love Call, Cupid Date, etc. With the rapid improvement and refinement, has developed into a trustworthy and well-known platform in the online dating space that has touched millions of men and women. Additionally, members are able to download the CharmDate Mobile App and take it anywhere they go.

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