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Can [Social Cloud Suite] Help Marketers Get MORE Traffic, Sales & Options? By IM Review Expert HanifQ (Exclusive Bonus)

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Can [Social Cloud Suite] Help Marketers Get MORE Traffic, Sales & Options? By IM Review Expert HanifQ (Exclusive Bonus)

Does the Social Cloud Suite software deliver on its promise of helping online businesses get more social media traffic, sales and optins by effective automating the curation of viral content on many social media platforms?

Hanif Quentino answers this important question on his Social Cloud Suite review site:

Social Cloud Suite is a cloud-based software suit that finds and automatically posts content on a variety of social media sites on an automated schedule. Its designed to help marketers build a real brand on social media sites, as well as drive traffic and monetize the traffic. While using the software, the following steps can be followed to create effective social media content.

There are some social media accounts that are simply not good enough. The results are not coming for them and it does not always have to do with a lack of trying, in fact it is often the opposite. For many people, it all comes down to ensuring the right content is being put up on the social media accounts. Those who are intelligent are the ones who take their time with the approach being taken with regards to the content that is being put up rather than just trying.

Don’t Dumb Down Content

It is insulting for the reader to go through something that is being ‘dumbed’ down for them to a point where it starts to get ridiculous. Putting up rubbish is going to bring along with it a lot of disdain on the part of those who are reading what is being put up.

Helping Is Key

The content that is going up has to be helpful otherwise it is of no use and might as not have been put up. Would you ever want to read something that is pointless? This happens far too often because people want to get anything up, but that does not assist the reader whatsoever.

Entertaining Content Rules

No one likes to go through a boring set of information, it can start to get dull in a hurry. Most people want to read something that is funny and/or entertaining one way or another.


One has to look to engage the audience as much as possible in this day and age. The goal has to be to get them to interact with the account and even share the content that is being put up by you. This is when accounts truly become successful.

Listen To What They Want

Who doesn’t like a person that is willing to listen to what they have to say? It could be something as simple as listening to them hate what is taking place with regards to something unrelated. The goal is to get a feel of what people are talking about in your niche.

Be Assured Of the Voice

There are some accounts that are all over the place. This means one day they are ‘professional’ and the next day they are being goofy and going off on a tangent. This is useless and followers don’t know what is going on.

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