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IN-DEPTH Webinar Alchemy Article & Exclusive [Fast Traffic Bonus] – Created by IM Review Guru Hanif Quentino

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IN-DEPTH Webinar Alchemy Article & Exclusive [Fast Traffic Bonus] – Created by IM Review Guru Hanif Quentino

Does Webinar Alchemy deliver on its bold promise of helping an average marketer drive significant sales & conversions by using live events in a step-by-step format?

Hanif Quentino answers this critical question on his Webinar Alchemy review site:

Webinar Alchemy is a training system and a set of software apps for creating effective sales webinars that are designed to convert. It comes with multiple modules and case studies to further the understanding of high converting webinars. The following tips will help all webinar creators in putting together better presentations:

Before The Webinar Have Attendees Ask Questions

One way to make sure you provide you attendees with the information they are looking for is to give them the opportunity to ask questions prior to the webinar. Email them before your event, or even send out some videos ahead of time, and ask them to send in their questions. Take the questions and answer the most important ones. This will help to eliminate some of the questions and resistance that people often have. You can also go through some of these questions after your presentation is over to ensure everything has been explained thoroughly.

Offer Something Valuable Instead Of Merely A Sales Pitch

You want to offer valuable information that relates to what you are offering in your webinar rather than just delivering a sales pitch. Always be selling is of course a smart thing to do, but you want to provide really good information as well. Don’t waste the time of people attending your webinar. Go in-depth and demonstrate why they should consider purchasing whatever you are selling. Give people a compelling reason why they should buy your product or service. Show how it can change their lives, and offer memorable and real world examples.

Entertain And Educate

You job is to entertain and educate as the webinar presenter. Think back on the best presentations you’ve attended, and how there was an entertaining presenter at most of them who really knew their stuff and was a real pro. That’s precisely how you want to be. Be entertaining, charismatic and lively. Build rapport and present your information clearly. Many people will end up buying from you simply because they like and trust you.

Use High Quality Webinar Software For Your Presentations

Using clunky webinar software that doesn’t work properly can really drag your webinar down. Try to have a practice run with the webinar software you will be using and become an expert with it prior to giving your presentation. Having technical issues during your webinar can really kill the mood and turn yeses into nos. Only use reputable software that you’re used to to prevent these types of problems.

Learn How To Close Effectively Using A Webinar

The key to sales is closing. It isn’t enough to just get people to a webinar. You need to figure out a way to close in an effective and personal way. For people who are wiling to sign up right after the webinar, you can provide them with a discount link. You can also use the phone, Google Hangouts, skype or chat software to host post-webinar interviews and use the time to delve deeper and attempt to close your attendees. Plan your close ahead of time so you know what direction you are headed in to make the sale.


Webinars are an excellent way of presenting information in a very personal way. When done correctly, you can make a lot of sales using this method. Use the information provided in this article to give the world’s best webinars.

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