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IN-DEPTH Traffic Fusion Review & Exclusive [Fast Traffic Bonus] – Created by IM Review Expert Hanif Quentino

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IN-DEPTH Traffic Fusion Review & Exclusive [Fast Traffic Bonus] – Created by IM Review Expert Hanif Quentino

Does the Traffic Fusion app deliver on its bold claims of helping online marketers drive ‘instant’ traffic from one of the fastest growing social media networks in existence?

Hanif Quentino answers this critical question on his review site:

Traffic Fusion is an Adobe Air software that helps people tap into the marketing power of Google+ and the communities within it. This App ‘infiltrates’ these communites and allows users to market their content and offers. Traffic Fusion users are advised to use social media in a proper and consistent way to enhance their results further. Setting up social media accounts is one thing, but consistent daily traffic to your pages is quite another. Tips for getting more social media traffic fall into many categories, and it also matters what type of traffic you’re getting. The following are seven essential tips to driving more targeted traffic to your social media pages.

#1 Join Many Networks

Many people start out using social media with only on or two social media profiles. While it does take time to get started and fully get established, it’s best if you leverage your online presence with more than just a couple social media networks.

The networks have a major tendency to tie in to one another. Furthermore, people use multiple social media networks, and your best targeted visitors can help you grow by finding you in many places. Additionally, this allows you to reach the largest targeted audience by using more of the networks, as people have different preferences when it comes to using social media.

#2 Regular Posts

If one is not consistently updating your pages daily, then you’re going to lose audience interest. Furthermore, this is a way to engage new clients with different types of content. It’s best if you have a posting schedule so that you’re ensuring you’re regularly updating your pages.

#3 Communities And Groups

If a business joins up with social media communities and groups, this is a way to better find targeted visitors. Not only will they have an interest in your business, but they will not necessarily be people you’ve first engaged, but rather they joined the group and then found you! This can be a great tool to grow your social media presence.

#4 Hashtags

Hashtags are more popular than ever, and people are always searching hashtags. They are not just a Twitter thing, as people are also voicing hashtags on other social media sites to get people to use them on Twitter as well. The potential for using the right hashtag is enormous, engaging an exponential amount of clients with just one post.

#5 Social Media Buttons

Sharing buttons on a website or blog are a must. These buttons allow people to engage with you via social media everywhere. When they share content from your blog or site, they bring you new targeted visitors and help you grow your presence on social media immensely.

#6 Posting Time

Social media has everything to do with momentum and metrics. This means that you need to think about the timing of your posts. Concerning your type of business, business objectives and the nature of your posts, when is the best time to post and get your audience engaged?

#7 Social Media Profiles

What the social media profiles look like, and the information they provide are both key. This is the initial impression that your visitors get, and you want your profile to exude professionalism and also be appealing to your audience.

Building a social media presence online does require time and patience. However, using the seven strategies discussed, one is sure to find yourself growing a social network presence properly.

Hanif Quentino’s complete Traffic Fusion review can be viewed here:

Video Link:

Hanif’s full Traffic Fusion review can be seen on this forum thread:

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