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Can ZAPABLE Help Marketers Create & Monetize APPS Quickly & Easily? – By Web Review Expert Hanif Quentino

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Can ZAPABLE Help Marketers Create & Monetize APPS Quickly & Easily? – By Web Review Expert Hanif Quentino

Can the brand new Zapable software truly help aspiring entrprenuers and marketers create functional Apps that can drive traffic and revenue through affiliate marketing and local marketing?

Hanif Quentino, President of eMarketingChamps, answers this important question on his review website:–bonus-fast-cash-methods.html

The Zapable App Builder is designed by the Fox brothers, who have focused on creating this App specifically for marketers, and not for developers. For this reason, it is simple and intuitive to use without offering the advanced functionality of other app builders. The main focus is on efficiency and monetization – being able to lauch Apps quickly and monetize them in various ways. The following tips can help developers in designing more friendly Apps:

Choose a Readable Font

Unless the target audience is graphic designers, your users probably won’t know a lot about typography. This means you don’t have to spend hours considering the difference between Arial and Helvetica. However, you should pick a font that is clean, clear and easy to read. In addition, set font sizes for titles, menus, headings and text, and stick to them throughout the app.

Engage The User Before You Ask for Feedback

A lot of app developers solicit reviews from their users almost immediately after installation. While they might get a few high ratings from people tapping quickly to get past those annoying screens, they probably lose a lot of prospective loyal users through their pushy tactics. It is OK to solicit reviews, but wait until the user has had the app installed for a while and has opened it several times.

Do As Much As You Can Offline

Cache as much information as possible on the user’s device and minimise the amount of work that you do online. This will reduce loading times, and reduce the amount of data transfer you need to do. Try to use WiFi connections for any online data processing if you can, so that your app is friendly for those on limited data allowances.

Put Performance First

Users are becoming increasingly demanding about the performance of the mobile apps they use. Today, apps are not a novelty they are a necessity. This means that they are more likely to use apps if they run well. Keep your app simple, and make sure that it performs as quickly as possible on every target device.

Test The App On More Than One Device

If one is releasing the app on more than one platform, test it on each platform. In addition, try to test on a range of screen sizes too. Emulators are helpful for this, but testing on real devices is an even better option.

Not All Apps Need to Be Free

Think carefully about the price the app will be released for. Free and freemium apps are good for marketing, but there is room for affordable, polished apps that do something useful too. Remember that people value things more when they pay for them.

Update Regularly

Use analytics to track the engagement figures for your app, and crash reporting to identify bugs. Update the app on a regular basis as you identify problems and implement improvements.

Having a mobile app is a great way to build goodwill for your business, and it could open up opportunities for word of mouth marketing. A bad app could damage the brand’s reputation, however, so do not rush to get your app on the marketplace. Test it carefully, and make sure that it is as polished as possible before you release it, so that it gets the attention that it deserves from customers.

Hanif Quentino’s complete Zapable review can be viewed on his website:–bonus-fast-cash-methods.html

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Hanif’s full Zapable review can be seen on this thread:

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